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John Wick

John Wick (2014)

October. 24,2014
| Action Thriller

Ex-hitman John Wick comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.


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First off, I have a big crush on Keanu. That being said, I totally enjoyed how focused he is in this film. Hey, love Marilyn Manson and his song in this film. Big budget. Lots of killing. But john wick gets his guy. Lots of feelings of pain. Great stuff. I need to watch all his films again.


Horrible. Half way through I fell asleep on the couch. Boring. The "Russian" accents are not even close.


The three dumbest things in the world are Keanu Reeves, action movies, and music videos. So now, here's an action movie starring Keanu Reeves that's shot like a music video. I am overwhelmed by the accumulated dumbness. Imagine PAYBACK with Mel Gibson, only without the wit, guts, human suffering, and wisdom. And Mel's been replaced by Tab Hunter, Frankie Avalon, or someone like that. Imagine THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS, only without the romance, elegance, tension, and simmering sexual heat. There's no Mira Sorvino here, and Chow Yun Fat has been replaced by Beavis and Butthead.All through this movie, there are moments that are laugh out loud stupid, where the film makers clearly expect the viewers to fall into a worshipful stupor and start jacking their bones. Wow, look how fast that car is going! Man, that is a sharp looking car! I am getting so hot now, just looking at that car! And the music is so LOUD, man. LOUD MUSIC MAKES ME SO HOT! And now guys are getting killed! Man, I love to see guys getting killed. LOUD MUSIC CARS GUITARS GUNSHOTS OH MY GOD I'm COMING RIGHT NOW!!!! And of course, Our Hero must look "cool" at all times. He can't just take his guns out of the closet. No, he has to take a SLEDGE HAMMER and SMASH the floor to dig out his old guns! So cool!!! And when the bad guys are coming, he has to put on a sharp, three-piece suit, with cuff links, so he can fist fight and pistol his way around. I mean, a ripped t-shirt and jeans might be better, yes? To move fast and have quick reflexes? But no, it's so much COOLER to watch him put on a suit and tie. With all that going on, take some time to notice the sadness on the faces of all these veteran actors. There's that old black guy from THE WIRE -- he looks almost grateful to be getting killed after five minutes. There's Willem Defoe -- he still hasn't forgiven himself for making all those Spider Man movies. Oh, but it's not just aging has-beens who are being humiliated here. Who's that good looking young chap running through the crowded disco in a towel? Can it be . . . can it be . . . it's Alfie "THEON GREJOY" Allen. Did you see him running through the crowd, looking like a goofball? No? Let's slow it down! How many minutes of Alfie running in a towel do we need to see? But it's okay, he's got tons of music blasting away. And it's LOUD!I really wanted Keanu to ask Alfie, "did you pay the IRON PRICE for that car you stole?" And then Alfie's last words could have been, "what is dead may never die!"


John Wick is a revenge drama which offers little along the lines of a story and and an excess of action. The story which starts off as interesting loses your attention almost as instantly. A retired hitman (or so they call him) single-handedly outmanoeuvres a flock of gangsters, including their boss.Performances: Keanu Reeves as the titular character carries the burden of almost everything that happens in the rather short run of 101 minutes of the movie. Alfie Allen (hey there, Reek!), Adrianne Palicki and Ian McShane are decent in portraying their characters. Michael Nyqvist shines as the baddie boss.Overall verdict: John Wick is another one of those stereotypical action movies, the only difference being that there is way too much action and gravity-defying stunts stuffed into it. While a section of the audience might enjoy this action-packed flick, I'd rather like to watch a movie that is equal on both fronts-the story and the action.