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La La Land

La La Land (2016)

December. 09,2016
| Drama Comedy Music Romance

Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in dingy bars, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.


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Am i a fan of musicals ? not exactly mad about them but i was willing to sit through these two hours of film simply because Emma Stone is my favourite actress and i ran through all 17 of her films and wanted to finish with this as the crowning jewel y'know the one she got an Oscar for... and to be honest the movie was pretty good as it started with the joyous charm and combined charisma of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone you had it on the money for a great Movie putting show business in a very legitimate light showing the pros and the cons and the sacrifices you make to balance out real life and Celebrity Life the ending was obvious as it is a RomCom in the end it was going to be the Happy Sappy ending that we all know and love and i would have been more than happy with such an ending... but then they messed with it... now i'm all in for philosophical movies or movies with ambiguous endings that keep you thinking and inspire you to approach things differently but that's a secret ingredient that only makes things better however this isnt how this movie handled itself : giving you pancakes for breakfast, Turkey for lunch and a vial of potassium cyanide (Poison) for dinner! so for those that havent watched it and want an ending that is such an infuriating kick to the balls so much so that i threw my popcorn to the floor and left, i felt so insulted which was weird because i never take movies so seriously, anyways the Two people on the poster you know those with the perfect chemistry and amazing wit to back eachother up ? those that would've made for a really good ending together ? she (Emma Stone) goes to paris for five years, gets married and has children then goes back to see him (Ryan Gosling) in his Jazz club with her husband!, he is absolutely devastated plays a sad note on the piano but then... what happens exactly ? i'm not sure, there is this montage with everything that had gone wrong in the movie reversed... he attended her play and her play was loved he married her he had children with her and opened his club in paris instead... her audition is accepted her life is wonderful aaand we suddenly switch back to reality... Ryan Gosling is still the one playing the sad note and she gets up to leave with her husband, both her and him look at eachother eyes filled with tears and then she leaves for good... THE END... i absolutely despise this movie right now... now i would never give it a 1 no that's not fair i give it a 3/10 for the sheer star power and colorful sets which was all ultimately ruined by the horrible horrible ending... people don't get that Romance is never about a brainless tragic ending there was also that other dumb movie called "The Fault in our Stars" the same issue, it gives you hope then ends it with a middle finger as a gesture La La Land's ending was such a depressing downbeat ending i'm so mad at it right now... writers, you had one job... and you blew it...


So, the obvious.. both visually and audibly this movie is nothing short of stunning. The colour palette, the score, the costumes; all practically flawless and with great traditional stage lighting to support what amounts to a very beautifully constructed piece of cinematography.The dialogue was a little too smart at times but it never strayed so far off the beaten path to pull me out of the experience. The characters were likable, even if they seemed to go for the all too common trope of characters that are only flawed because other characters tell you they are, whereas throughout the entire movie they practically make no missteps in any capacity.Speaking of characters, the leads were brilliantly acted but didn't feel quite as fleshed out as I would have liked. The leads, both Gosling and Stone stole the show and the chemistry between them never felt forced to me. Secondary characters were entirely forgettable and I struggle to recall a single notable one.The plot was entirely competent. Nothing groundbreaking -- but then I don't really feel it has to be, after all; moonlight and love-songs are never out of date~In summary, a great way to spend two hours. Themes felt a bit heavy handed at times, but the film was a feast for both eyes and ears and it's worth catching.


There's this quote I once I read: "Life is like a bad movie - You can sit through it, you can drink and laugh at it or you can leave early". Since I had no alcohol at the time I chose not to suffer and just leave mid way. I rarely stop watching a movie in the middle, but then again most films, even the poorly written ones, tend to have even a bit of substantial context to them. In this case I felt like I watched one of those ridiculous Bollywood movies only instead of the occasional "burst into a dance without any reason" that happens in Bollywood, here we have a movie that does it through at least the first hour (after which I decided I've seen enough). I won't go into detail but I felt like there was no plot to hold on to. I love musical movies but in this case it seemed to me like I was watching a generic pop song with a very shallow meaning. I didn't care about the characters so all these "magical" musical scenes seemed meaningless.I'm happy for anyone who did enjoy it, and did feel immersed in the love of story of the protagonists, but I simply couldn't. I am writing this review because I felt it's shameful that this movie deserved an Oscar nomination , but while writing it I realized that if I could care more about the story I'd probably love the film. Guess the Academy saw something I didn't...seems to constantly for years now. Did I lose/change my taste in movies or is it the academy?


Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................Horrible movie that doesnt stop going on and on......................