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Thor (2011)

May. 06,2011
| Adventure Fantasy Action

Against his father Odin's will, The Mighty Thor - a powerful but arrogant warrior god - recklessly reignites an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.


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I fell in love with Marvel movies after watching Thor and have been hooked ever since!!! I recommend Thor and all of the Marvel collection to everyone! You will not be disappointed if you like action, adventure, and some well placed comedic turns!


Thor goes at it hammer and tongs and forges some good spectacle for the viewer. Tom Hiddleston produces a good performance as the weaker of the two sons who claims power unduly when this is taken from the heir to Asgard kingdom. Chris Hemsworth makes a good fist of the role, convincing us of the Thunder God's alpha male traits. The visual effects of the distant realm are pleasingly colourful but a little distracting for their confection - we are expected to use our imagination for such a place but it looks rather computer generated rather than mystical. The fight scenes and sound are tremendous and there is great support and talent on offer, and underused I might add. How the film is held together depends on story and that is where the film disappears down the wormhole, so to speak. It is essentially a bridging of special effects sequences and not much is built in feeling for us to care about, certainly there is not enough feeling between the brothers for us to think Thor cares quite as much about his brother by the end. All the fantastical characters are not interesting. They're defined by their attributes, not their personalities. But, there is enough in the film to spark the imagination for it to be entertaining and quite funny.


It remains only to marvel at the company Marvel, which gives an impressive amount of money for the implementation of films on their comic books under the guidance of "newcomers" in the genre of "summer blockbuster." Four years ago they did this with John Favreau, who previously filmed family comedies and yet surprised many with his "Iron Man". Now, the honored actor and director of the dramatic cinema and theater Kenneth Brana demonstrated miracles by taking off a large-scale fantasy comics epic.ActorsChris HamsworthTaking advantage of the tested scheme (to take on the role of the protagonist of a little-known actor and surround him with "loud names"), Brana did not lose. Chris Hamsworth is the perfect Thor! Possessing not only impressive physical training and memorable appearance, Hamsworth was able to convey the power and emotions of this character. In some places it is threatening, in places it's funny when it's necessary to be gallant. Yes, and in general, throughout the whole movie you penetrate to the Torah sympathy and you empathize with it.Natalie PortmanAs always, she is charming and charming. The first falls on the Torah and runs after him all the remaining time :)Anthony HopkinsWorthy performance of a worthy role. The first experience of Hopkins in the film kinomics was a success.Tom HiddlestonSly, a jealous manipulator. Another one hundred percent hit in the role!Jamie Alexander, Ray Stevenson, Joshua Dallos, Tadanobu Asana and Idris ElbaWell-written characters, which should still be given a little more time, because each is interesting in its own way. ActionIt is many, it is diverse, large-scale, beautiful, impressive and fascinating. The best episode is the battle of the top five warriors with the Ice Giants and a huge monster.Special EffectsLooking at the trailers it seemed that the "Thor" would not be particularly pleased with the special effects, for both the monster's drawing and the Torah's hammer in action were not so impressive. But fortunately, the effects brought to shine and you can with full confidence to say that the "Torah" is the most grandiose special effects from all the films Marvel.LocationsAh, this Asgard! He is beautiful! Incredibly beautiful and the viewer is not satisfied with the monotonous views of the city. In each of Asgard's places shown, there is something unusual and unique. And the more interesting are the transitions from the deserted quiet town of New Mexico to the majestic palaces and structures of Asgard throughout the film.MusicPatrick Doyle has proved since the time of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" that he is an excellent composer, skillfully combining different musical styles. The "Torah" is mostly dominated by pathos and heroic music, but in times of dramatic moments, sad compositions play.HumorHumor in the film is not as much as we would like. But he is funny and in no way slips into jokes below the belt. True, it would have been more ridiculous to beat the scenes of "God Tor in the modern world among ordinary people."PlotEnough fun and interesting without obvious stupidities and sagging. Although Torah's "rebirth" was worth paying more attention.SurprisesIn the film, a lot of Easter eggs for fans and attentive viewers. Starting from the most obvious (mentioning the Hulk and the Iron Man), ending with the hidden ones (Falcon eye). And at the end of the final credits, the audience expects another bridge to the upcoming "Avengers".Undoubtedly, the most beautiful and grandiose film Marvel. Excellent entertaining summer movie. Satisfied should remain both the audience and the fans. I want to wish the studio to continue making films about my superheroes with the same love and warmth.


Thor is one of the most memorable Marvel movies to me probably because it was one of my first. I actually liked all the Thor movies unlike most. I'm it's a great start to the Thor trilogy and a pure classic movie to me.