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The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

September. 23,2016
| Adventure Action Western

Looking to mine for gold, greedy industrialist Bartholomew Bogue seizes control of the Old West town of Rose Creek. With their lives in jeopardy, Emma Cullen and other desperate residents turn to bounty hunter Sam Chisolm for help. Chisolm recruits an eclectic group of gunslingers to take on Bogue and his ruthless henchmen. With a deadly showdown on the horizon, the seven mercenaries soon find themselves fighting for more than just money once the bullets start to fly.


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It could have been so much more, but wasn't...while the plot ma be similar, it lacks so much "flavor" that it becomes boring very quickly...Yes, I know, I am comparing the same movie done twice, and you're not supposed to look at it that way...but this is one of those instances where you almost must...because the plot is a direct rip off from the 1960 version, it becomes necessary to point out what went wrong...Danzel is the somber cowboy, who believes in right and wrong...ok, similar to Yul Brynner, but played entirely different...which actually detracts from the enjoyment...in fact, all of the sevn this time are portrayed as Knights in shining armor, rather than the misfits they were supposed to be, who find themselves falling into the role of saviors of a small town...While this version may be ok for the younger crowd, it is a hit and miss movie for anyone who saw the original...


Possibly inspired by the successful remakes, or better said, retakes on the classic westerns "True Grit" and "3:10 to Yuma," director Antoine Fuqua's "The Magnificent Seven" is an appealing take on the 1960 classic, which starred Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Eli Wallach, Robert Vaughn, and James Coburn. Fuqua's version cannot compete with the John Sturges original in star power; Denzel Washington is the only cast member in the same league with Brynner, McQueen, Bronson, and Coburn. However, the film boasts a few fine supporting players like Peter Sarsgaard as the slimey Bartholomew Bogue, who is out to ruthlessly grab land from under a town of peaceful God-fearing homesteaders; Sarsgaard is only missing a black mustache to twirl as the personification of the Bad Guy. Vincent D'Onofrio is colorful as Jack Horne, whose girth nearly qualifies the film to be "The Magnificent Seven and a Half," and Ethan Hawke is fine as Goodnight Robicheaux, a gambler with issues and a Chinese sidekick. Led by an African-American law officer, Fuqua's seven are an almost comically diverse group of strays that reflect today's America far more than the earlier cast. Denzel Washington is Chisholm, who is enlisted by the beleaguered townspeople, headed by a strong-willed widow, Emma Cullen, played by Haley Bennett. Reluctantly accepting the challenge to rid the town of Bogue, Chisholm assembles a motley crew that includes a Comanche Indian with a Mohawk haircut, the Chinese sidekick, an overweight senior citizen, the aforementioned widow, a Mexican, a Confederate veteran, and a hunky white guy played by Chris Pratt. These magnificent seven are about as politically correct as any central casting could conceive.Inspired by Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai," the story is simple, straightforward, and familiar. Penned by Nic Pizzolatto and Richard Wenk, the film arguably lingers too long on the introductory sequences for each character. However, the threads pull together and lead to an effective action-packed climax, which is fun, but as implausible as is the assembly of such a diverse group of gun people on the late-19th-century frontier. The film features a fine score by the late James Horner, but the iconic Elmer Bernstein theme is missed, although heard briefly over the closing credits. With Washington as a solid lead, "The Magnificent Seven" is an above-average western remake that just misses the high marks hit by "True Grit" and "3:10 to Yuma," but remains entertaining nevertheless.


The Magnificent SevenIt takes it time to set the plot and characters and doesn't offer anything after that too; it's just a film that is stretched with the compilation of different clichéd characters and the troubles they bring with it.

Ramneek Suri

A pleasant surprise. This is a good solid western, a remake of the original classic which itself was an American take on the 1957 Kurusawa masterpiece. Sarsgaard isn't very imposing as the villain. Denzel is OK as are the rest of the cast. D'Onofrio is the acting standout here creating a memorable character in just a few scenes. Overviolent at times but an early standoff builds the tension nicely.Worth watching8/10