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Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt (2016)

February. 26,2016
| Adventure Fantasy Action

A common thief joins a mythical god on a quest through Egypt.


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Europeans of Egypt is yet another demonstration of the white supremacy "liberal" Hollywood propagates at every juncture. They even included their typical token black character to ease their hypocritical consciences. Now that I know (according to Hollywood) Europeans ruled Egypt as Kings, Queens, and Gods my education is complete.It is extremely unfortunate that due to their inherit racism, Hollywood glorifies all things historically white such as Greece, Rome, and England. I can't even count the amount of movies based on these three civilizations. The extremely rare occasion Hollywood puts money into a period-based, non-white civilization, they cannot resist themselves and must use even those civilizations to glorify White Supremacy by inserting Europeans into the roles of leadership, royalty, and now Gods.I am sorry if this reality stings a few toes, which is not my intent. I am just sick to my teeth of Hollywood liberals claiming to be about inclusiveness, yet when it comes to the rubber meeting the road, their White Supremacy films are anything but. The overall imaginary premise gave this film potential. Unfortunately the dull writing, clumsy plot, and cartoony CGI fails to meet any mark. Europeans of Egypt imaginary effects is barely one step ahead of the 1930's Flash Gordon.If you just want to see a movie with special effects and lousy CGI, you will love this movie. Some will also enjoy the white supremacy aspect of Europeans ruling ancient Egypt as Gods. Hollywood is the most racist institution in America. They have just become slightly more subtle with it compared to the days of their greatest creation, the late actor Stepin Fetchit (look him up if you don't believe me).


Is was entertaining, whach it it with the right mindset and have fun, that's it!!! nothing else!!!


Considering I do not like SciFi fantasy type movies I was able to sit through this one happily. The poor reviews are not warranted or justified. People are too picky, wanting accuracy in a work of fiction. It is not a documentary so why evaluate it on a false premise. The acting was solid and convincing. The storyline kept one interested. It was clever with the technology and graphics. Overall, a decent movie made in Sydney, Australia, on a fairly small budget.


Not really, heh heh, but as I watched this I kept getting this vision of what Egypt would have looked like if the sand dunes were in New York City...Truthfully, this movie had some nice visual effects, but frankly everything else was missing...sure, it is supposed to be some sort of fantasy entertainment, but the dialog is so misplaced, and the acting poorly done, that I couldn't give it more than a 3...Almost all young white actors and actresses, with some blacks thrown in as kind of priests or something...I expected a sign to pop up, pointing the way to Broadway, heh heh...