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Scarface (1983)

December. 09,1983
| Drama Action Crime

After getting a green card in exchange for assassinating a Cuban government official, Tony Montana stakes a claim on the drug trade in Miami. Viciously murdering anyone who stands in his way, Tony eventually becomes the biggest drug lord in the state, controlling nearly all the cocaine that comes through Miami. But increased pressure from the police, wars with Colombian drug cartels and his own drug-fueled paranoia serve to fuel the flames of his eventual downfall.


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Scarface is one of the most iconic, and one of the most quotable movies ever for a good reason. Throughout this movie I kept repeating WOW! There's no doubt that Oliver Stone is a great screenwriter, but with Brian De Palma behind the camera Oliver Stone's screenplay became very very entertaining, not just smart. I felt I was watching a movie its script is written by Aaron Sorkin, and is directed by Martin Scorsese! Al Pacino delivered a powerhouse performance as Tony Montana which, in my opinion, is the second best performance in his long career, just right behind his exceptional performance as Michael Corleone in The Godfather II. I don't want to say that Al Pacino's performance elevated the movie, because the movie is already great, but as a matter of fact, Scarface couldn't have become a classic without his iconic performance.Speaking of the Godfather, Scarface also is a movie that takes a bad guy and allow him to be a human. The result is a nasty, and vicious protagonist that you couldn't help but root for. But it doesn't stop here, In this movie I didn't only sympathized with Tony Montana, but I also sympathized with the people Tony Montana care about the most. I cared about his relatives that I was about to shed some tears, in a gangster flick!!!!The pacing is fast, and that was very acceptable. But at the last hour the movie dragged a little bit, but it picked up very quickly, and I found myself very engaged again.Also, I have to mention the De Palma's spectacular representation of the Magic City, Miami. And the movie's electrifying soundtrack. Scarface is one of the best gangster films of all-time that doesn't only entertain, but it also a great character study, and has an underlying moral philosophy. (9/10)


"Scarface" (1983) was produced by Martin Bregman with others and directed by Brian De Palma, who is known in the crime drama, psychological thriller and suspense genres. Tony Montana is the hero who was a Cuban refugee in Florida who becomes a drug kingpin through greed and violence, only to see his empire end due to his egotistical behavior and cocaine addiction. Villains appear throughout the movie because they keep getting killed off. The principal villains who last the longest are Frank Lopez then Alejandro Sosa after Lopez is killed by Tony Montana. Tony is called to adventure when he refuses a low-paying offer with low risk for a high-paying risky cocaine buy that turns out to be a trap. He survives the drug-deal ambush that was set-up by Omar Suarez and possesses both the money and the cocaine that Tony was supposed to buy. Montana then leverages his position to a successful meeting with Omar's boss, Frank Lopez. Brian De Palma's aesthetic for well-placed violence is in its full style with "Scarface" (1983). The amount of violence seemed excessive for some at the time and it spawned much imitation, the highest form of flattery. I never thought that the quantity of violence in this movie was too much, but it was the quality of violence that was disturbing. From the villain's henchman being lynched from a helicopter to the hero surviving being hit with small bullets only to be killed by a single shotgun blast from behind showed things that had never been seen before in cinema.The final challenge for Tony Montana is when he must try to survive (without his best friend) a hit squad that was sent to his mansion by the Colombian drug lords. He is internally tormented by the regrettable effects of his desires, be it a cocaine habit, wasted wealth or the deaths of his loyal friends and his sister. Tony Montana's original aspiration of wanting to be the top dog climaxes into a parable about extravagance and obsessions. This, combined with the director's strategically-placed ferocity throughout the film culminates into the final anxiety release of seeing Montana floating dead, face down in his indoor fountain, ironically under the golden sculpture (that was alluded to earlier) that says "The World Is Yours." This business model's ROE ratio of 1.82 (domestic) and a Box Office almost twice the budget, "Scarface" (1983) is a successful movie venture. After 1983, excessive violence-as-art spawned whole new ways of showing interesting ways to kill people. It's not that this Everyman has a preference for killing others in weird ways, he just finds himself in odd everyday situations (for a drug dealer) and reacting violently in his journey. The "Scarface" imitators have mostly enjoyed their killing, for Tony Montana it's just the cost of doing business. Al Pacino knew that showing happiness or sadness after any death would just complicate the character. Because of this insight, most everything the charming Pacino touches turns to gold.


This movie is just amazing and I could watch it over and over again. I never get sick if this movie. say hello to my little friend. I just love that part.


Al Pachino is one of the worlds greatest actors. He usually plays the tough guy, but it's how he plays that guy. It's different every time and he manages to find what makes each of his classic characters unique. Aside from Michael Corleone, Tony Montana is Pachino's most memorable role. This film follows the classic story of the rise of and of an American gangster in the same vain as The Public Enemy, Little Ceaser and GoodFellas. Montana's success is the American Dream gone wrong. Throughout the whole movie we as the viewer want Montana to succeed and fail. He's an awful person but he has his moments of heroism that make us still care about him. Director Brian De Palma and writer Oliver Stone made a film that broke down barriers and was not afraid to take risks. Pachino and the rest of the cast provide some classic moments and amazing Performances. Scarface is one of the most violent movies ever made and shouldn't be watched by the squeamish. But if you can handle the blood and guts, Scarface will leave you breathless my little friend.