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Coraline (2009)

February. 05,2009
| Fantasy Animation Family

A young girl discovers an idealized parallel universe behind a secret door in her new home, unaware that it contains a sinister secret.


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George Taylor

From the mind of Neil Gaiman comes Coraline, a sweet and beautiful stop motion movie about a little girl who moves into a new home and discovers a secret world on the other side. Featuring an awesome voice cast, this is a simply beautiful film that begs to be watched again and again.

Jesper Brun

Coraline is one of those movies you just can't deny has something great to it. After a slow start presenting the 11-year old Coraline's family and their relationship to us, the movie takes us all the way to another world in which her family is everything she ever wanted them to be. But something is wrong and she soon finds out. When Coraline enters the other world you'll see the immense amount of artistry that's put into the design of the movie with lots of great designs of both landscapes and character design. A great debut for Laika Entertainment which puts them as a competent player in the stopmotion industry. Worth watching at least once.


"Coraline" tells the story of a young girl, who moves into an isolated old villa with her busy and non-caring parents, only to find out, that there is a better world awaiting her behind a secret door, where a different set of parents make all her wishes come true. As time passes by, however, this pittoresque picture begins to crack and the more sinister and dark side of her new parents begins to show. Will Coraline be able to escape into reality before it is too late?Before starting the movie I pretty much expected just another animated movie that would deliver an entertaining but not exactly outstanding plot. But soon I noticed that this film is remarkably different from most of the genre. Its tone is set way darker and some of the elements remind more of a horror movie than one for children. I really like that producers were brave enough to try something new and thus show that making films abroad the main paths is still possible. I wouldn't watch it with small children but otherwise I fully recommend it.All in all you can absolutely make nothing wrong with giving this movie a try. However, you should not expect a happy, colorful firework but a serious and sometimes frightening film.


When I first saw this movie I thought it was made by Tim Burton, but I was wrong. It has that Tim Burton feel to it but it was made by Henry Selick I have never heard of him. The story is about a teenager named Coraline who moves into a three story apartment home called Pink Paradise with her parents. Her parents are workaholics and they don't really seem to care about Coraline at all. Things start to get boring for the teenager and she wishes for other things. One day, Coraline finds a hidden door blocked by a wall of bricks. That night she dreams, and she travels through the door to a para rel world, a world where her dreams come true. A world where her parents treat her like a princess and love her. As time goes on, turns out this opposite world is not what Coraline thinks it is, and turns out to be a living Hell run by a monster known as "Other Mother". It was a very bizarre film, that's why I thought it was made by Tim Burton. It was a story that gradually turned dark and menacing, it was fun and dark. It has a moral and lesson to it, be careful what you wish for, because it might not be what you expect it to be and be a complete nightmare. The people with the button eye's were creepy, it freaked me out. This film is not for children, and a parent should watch it with them if they view it, it is more for the teenage and adult crowed. It makes for a great Halloween movie. Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true in a terrible way.9/10 for Coraline