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Predators (2010)

July. 03,2010
| Action Thriller Science Fiction

A group of cold-blooded killers find themselves trapped on an alien planet to be hunted by extraterrestrial Predators.


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As a big fan of the original and most definitely the second installment, this comes as a surprise.It has some originality and soul, not as much as the previous two, and a lot of plot twists - too many for my liking. But hey, this is what movies nowadays are like so we should be moving with the times I guess.I would probably watch it again not as many times I did it's predecessors, just to wrap my head around all whats happening.The acting in the first two movies was superb, top notch - really high class performances. This one? meh!PS: I'll believe that there are aliens, who take humans as game to other planets, sure its statistically very plausible - but an IDF sniper whose compassionate and empathetic; now that's truly laughable.


If you saw the original ArnoldS Predator in the movies in the late eighties., you know the difference in quality of the acting and story line. For it's time, Predator captured the audience in a suspenseful plot. Great special effects with lots of originality. Predators is worthy of a viewing, but with a purely "survival" theme, you know the typical pattern will be followed One by one the characters meet their end. The only surprise is who is left standing at the end of the movie. Definitely a made for TV movie like you normally find on the SciFy channel. A good movie if you are surfing on the internet at the same time. Missing 5-10 minutes here and there is no big deal. The plot and acting are mediocre. I watched the whole movie hoping it would get better...not. Disappointed.


The first installment was the best great story, i didn't think 2 was really a rehash the first one ended like it was not going to have a sequel so the second one was like the first but left an ending that could be continued. I put AVP up before this one the story of AVP was by far better then "predators" which i felt was just a group "dropped into a meat grinder" and forced to fend for them self none of the characters stood out like the previous 2. I hope if they make another one they put more thought into a story then this one. I didn't like how the predators kept evolving in how intricate the Predator and his weapons and technology i thought the original was perfect and why they kept adding to it just makes the first 2 seem dated and they aren't. They did this with a lot of the Marvel movies and i didn't care for that either.


OK so it's the back to the original jungle hunt fun of Predator (with an added bonus of the original sound track) with a twist, none of the people have any idea how they ended up here, however there is a pattern, they are all killers, or predators, apart from Topher Grace's awkward (not in a bad way) doctor. So far the premise isn't a typical Slasher flick, lets see how the rest holds up. Well once our mismatched rag tag group of mercenaries, soldiers, criminals and doctor who can somehow identify alien plants and alien poisons (and the only solution there is if just by chance that poison also exists on earth which could be possible but... kinda hard to believe), they realize soon that they are being hunted, the predators have become the prey. Basically most of the plot now revolves around the group trying to find their way out and then trying to escape using the Yautja ship. seems like a decent plan right? not when there are bigger, tougher and cooler predators than ever before, and now finally there is a proper predator group that isn't in a WasteofaGoodSpeciesVSCompletelyTonedDown movie. Now here is where a lot of viewers lose focus, the Lawrence Expositionburne scene, personally I liked learning about Yautja culture in a good movie, I like things like that, but I can see why others hate it, they don't like too much depth in their action horror movies, which is fine I guess... Now it all ends with 2 big flaws, one which I don't consider a flaw and one I do. Firstly the Doctor's "sudden" change into a psycho, if you took the hints throughout the movie and didn't just go ooh at the gore and death, then you can see that the doctor is not an OK dude. The other flaw was that the malnutrition-ed normal predator stood up to the bad ass berserk predator at all, the berserk can't be young blood, it wouldn't be berserk class otherwise, also the berserk takes forever in killing Roy, it slowly walks up to him at the end to kill him... typical clichés I guess...oh well the end fight was still awesome. I know this movie borrowed a lot from the first movie, but I don't give a damn, it was so fun to watch. anyway onto one of the more important aspects of a great predator movie, the characters. a lot of people thought Roy (Adrien Brody) was an ass hole and not a good hero, we have to remember that he is a mercenary, and along with most of the other characters and unlike the original predator team, he isn't a good person. and by the way, Brody and everyone did a fantastic job in this movie, Oscar worthy? no. but still great and compelling. while most of the characters weren't developed, they didn't really have much time to. they were all wiped out in like a day and why would they want to share past with people they just met. that's why you got to know Dutch's team more, they knew each other and showed more personality because, well they were with their buddies! they were brothers! its different here because a lot of these people don't like each other, so why would they try to bond while being hunted. besides, we do get development on the stars of the show, the predators, and that's always great. All in all as a predator fan I thought this was great, the acting was great, story was cool,action was amazing, the Yautjas looked bad ass. and in case you are wondering Yautja is the predator species :), and I enjoyed it all the time. better than the stinking AVP and slightly better than the underrated predator 2. (9/10)