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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

August. 25,2007
| Horror Thriller

Retired military commander Colonel Dale Murphy hosts the simulated post-apocalyptic reality show where participants are challenged to survive a remote West Virginia wasteland. But the show turns into a nightmarish showdown when each realizes they are being hunted by an inbred family of cannibals determined to make them all dinner!


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While out in the Virginia woods, a group filming the pilot for a survivalist reality TV show run across a group of deformed inbred cannibals intent on killing and eating them all, forcing them into a real-life race for survival against the vicious killers to get out of the woods alive.This was an awesome, brutal, hyper-gory and entertaining slasher effort that was much more enjoyable than expected and wasn't at all expected. One of the best elements here with this one is the outline of the proposed reality show they're attempting to film is quite fun and original and would've been quite a hit. The apocalyptic scenario is worn through really well here, and since they're given quite a lengthy introduction which makes for a solid layout and gives this a really enjoyable setup to lead into the action once they get going into the woods. The opening roadside ambush on the detour trail, the first encounters with the crew being seen over the game's video monitors and the great attack on the host along the treeline before getting abducted by the group get this going nicely along into some great chase scenes here. There's the chilling escape from their house where after watching them give birth on the table they have to run off into the woods which leads to some great chasing, a truly enjoyable ambush down by the river where a bikini-clad contestant is alerted to their presence by the blaring game contraptions and causing them to come roaring out of the jungle hacking away with the knife leading to a gruesome, bloody kill and the rather fun and thrilling scene where the host escapes and battles with the lone member left at the campground which features some solid action throughout as well as getting to up the brutality angle. That brutality angle is furthered in the final half where they're finally aware that somethings going on in the woods around them, the last set of traps in the forest as they get hunted rather viciously and setting the stage for the great finale in the abandoned plant. The setting is great, but once the family arrives there's plenty to like as the non-stop tormenting of the family forcing them into rather brutal attacks to stop them gives this some really over-the-top moments that gives this a lot to really like. Alongside the graphic and brutal gory kills, there's also a lot to really like here with the family as their demented nature, gruesome looks and hilarious social structure makes for some intimidating and imposing villains. These here give this a lot to really like, except for one sequence here most will spot easily. This is the lame and protracted dinner sequence in the finale which is a shot-for-shot lift of such a classic scene from another horror effort and even manages to crib the same mannerisms and mocking tone while doing so, an activity that flies in the Face of their established behavior only to showcase this homage which lowers it significantly. An early kill scene featured here is also worth mentioning for the CGI needed to showcase it is so distracting that there's nothing about it that works. Beyond that, there's nothing really wrong with this one.Rated R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Brief Nudity.


A couple of game show contestants are sent into the forest, but the survival struggle becomes more than play when they discover the cannibals are chasing them for real. Henry Rollins as a retired military commander hosts the show, and he seems almost to enjoy the deadly challenge, preferring it over the silly game play that had been planned by the TV makers. In the best scene, he does something funny with a stick of dynamite to a character (Wayne Robson) who returned from the original movie. However, the other actors are nowhere near Rollins' qualities. A cheap and disappointing sequel, fortunately the following sequels became better, because they didn't just repeat the same formula. I voted 8/4/6/7/5/4 for the 6 movies.


I liked the movie. There was some jump scares and many blood. I liked the beginning because the victim was slain to half. Also I liked how the cannibal family was looking. My favorite character was Amber, the Iraq veteran. Oh, why she needed to die?Anyway I hate Elena, the girl who was having sex with the boyfriend of a other woman in the competition. In the movie there was more blood than in the previous movie. The end was cool - one cannibal gives the little cannibal baby a finger like a pacifier. That made me laugh. So the movie is not the best but it is still cool with the big amount blood.


Normally I stay away from straight to DVD movies, especially sequels because they are usually terrible and cheap looking and awful acting. But when I came across "Wrong Turn 2" I was actually eager to see it, as I really liked the first one and I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. They really upped the ante with this one, we get more deaths and more splatter which I really enjoyed. The storyline in this one, we get a group of people filming a reality show which was rather fun and interesting, and I could tell from the opening death a woman sliced in half is that this movie was gonna be awesome. I was a bit sceptical at the reality show setting as in the past when slasher movies have tried this, they usually don't really work, but in this it works to full effect and plus we get more inbred mutants to add to the fun. But there are a few drawbacks in this movie, like firstly it does lack the tension and atmosphere the first movie had and instead opting for more blood splatter and gore, and the fact that we see way too much of the mutants which did take away the overall terror and this movie was still fun and slick.The acting in this was actually not what I expected, it was really good. Henry Rollins was fun as the ex-marine turning Rambo without being ridiculous. Erica Leerhsen really gives it her all and comes across as one of the more fleshed out characters in this movie and Texas Battle also really stood out and believable as he turns hero throughout the latter half of the movie. Daniella Alonso also gives a stand out performance as the female army soldier. Steve Braun plays the joker of pack pretty well, Crystal Lowe was gorgeous playing the token slutty character but she played the part really well and I also enjoyed her in the (Black X-Mas remake), Aleksa Palladino made me really feel for her as the put upon plain girl whose treated like dirt and I felt sad when her time ended as she didn't get the opportunity to get her own back and Matthew Currie Holmes was extremely unlikeable and self absorbed but he did it well.All in all "Wrong Turn 2" is fun fast paced and slick all the right ingredients for a sequel, it's a pity that the further sequels doesn't follow suit.