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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

October. 20,2009
| Horror Thriller

A group of people find themselves trapped in the backwoods of West Virginia, fighting for their lives against a group of vicious and horribly disfigured inbred cannibals.


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On it's own it's an OK movie, but nowhere next to the best in the Wrong Turn franchise.Left for Dead goes back to the original inbreed slasher they had in the original, which is a good thing, and vast improvement over the last one.This time around the inbreed slasher family (I don't know if they have an official name) hunt down a bus filled with inmates from a near by penitentiary who attempt to escape after the inbreeds cause their bus accident only to wish they were back on the bus heading for prison.Not since John Carpenter's, The Thing has there been a horror movie with so much testosterone being hunted like oversexed teenage girls, but I guess A group of prisoners who have not been with a woman in a while can give off the same sent to a slasher.So the one thing this movie does well that the whole franchise is built on is doing things differently than other slasher films and not relying too much on the clichés.But the characters being killed are not that interesting, and are not played too well by the actors portraying them, so it falls really short of what it could be.On its own, it's mediocre but the weight of having it be a part of the wrong turn titles gave it shoes to big to fill, and it couldn't do it.


I must admit I like the Wrong Turn series. Prior to watching this I'd seen 1,2 and 4 and enjoyed all of them. The original is by far the best of the bunch but they all provide some mindless gory fun. This one doesn't take long to set up the situation, starting with a funny and gory opening before starting onto the main plot. This time it's escaped convicts battling to stay alive against the inbred hillbillies. Although the film undoubtedly lacks suspense it provides the suitably gruesome deaths and copious gore we are used to in this series. The main fun to be had is finding out who will die next and how.The acting is patchy at best but Tamer Hassan not an actor I normally like does a good job as the main convict. It's easy to knock these films and this is probably the weakest out of the first 4, however I doubt anyone will watch this expecting a classic. If you watch it with suitable expectations it's a mindless but reasonably entertaining horror film.


Nate (Frederic) is a young cop in charge of transferring a bus load of high profile criminals. The cops know that the ring leader Chavez (Hassan) is planning a brake out so they route the bus down a back road in West Virginia. Bad idea, the only returning inbred cannibal from the earlier two films in this series, Three-finger (Borislav Iliev) runs the bus off the road and begins to pick them off. The criminals overtake the cops and find bags of money from an old brinks truck the inbred cannibals must have knocked off years ago. The greedy criminals with Chavez in charge attempt to make it out of the woods alive with the money. Outside a gory opening scene, this movie makes more wrong turns than you can imagine. We start with no likable characters and only two inbred cannibal killers and one is killed off quickly. Most of the running time is spent watching the 'let em die anyway' criminals, betray each other and get picked off by a 90 pound inbred. Three-finger is portrayed more as an annoying distraction for the group than the killing machine he is supposed to be! Sure there is some graphic gore thrown in, but this is light years away from the style and fun of the original.


Well they did the teenage/young adults, they did a reality spin, now Wrong Turn takes on some prisoners. This is good, as we have no reason to give a damn about those up for the killing. It removes any need for character development, not usually a plus but we all know why we came to this film. It's a shame they've reduced the mutated hillbilly family to pretty much just one guy. There's needless gore, repetitive chase sequences and a bizarre car scene which is a mix of very bad greenscreen and location work. It was confusing. The ending really ticked me off though, the ultimate in tacked on, thoughtless, middle finger up to the audience endings. Even for something this cheap and quick, they could have at least respected the characters a tiny bit.