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The Punisher

The Punisher (2004)

April. 16,2004
| Drama Action Crime

When undercover FBI agent Frank Castle's wife and son are slaughtered, he becomes 'the Punisher' -- a ruthless vigilante willing to go to any length to avenge his family.


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The punisher is a action it is a very good movie tomes jane is good as the punisher


While the 1989 adaptation of the Marvel comic was a cheesy, action-packed, B-movie starring Dolph Lundgren, the 2004 is a big-bucks Hollywood blockbuster which stands as a great example of its kind. Instead of being clichéd and tired, THE PUNISHER kicks backside from beginning to end, charting an unlikely path between human drama, comedy and balls-to-the-wall action, and succeeding admirably. The first half-hour of the movie – which sets up the events which are to follow – is absolutely tragic, and had me reaching for the hankies on occasion; afterwards, the film turns into a dark vigilante thriller, very violent in places yet touching and funny in others. A witty script and excellent theme tune really help to add to the proceedings.Thomas Jane (who has never had his chance at the limelight before, after appearing as one-dimensional characters like the hero in DEEP BLUE SEA), is outstanding in the role, not only massively muscular, but a quality actor too. Bad guy duties go to the tag-team of Will Patton (who looks like Ron Perlman in BLADE II) as a sadist and John Travolta, overacting to the hilt and remaining utterly enjoyable, as only he can, as the family man/crime boss. Director Jonathan Hensleigh also elicits some very good roles to the supporting likes of the three actresses, Laura Harring, Rebecca Romijn, Samantha Mathis, and also Roy Scheider, who really has been away from our scenes too long. Finally, there's Ben Foster, who seems to be carving a path for himself with slightly psychotic characters, in this and HOSTAGE.Of course, this is an action flick at heart, and there are some great scenes. The climatic shoot-out, complete with bombs disguised as champagne bottles and a wicked bow and arrow, is top-notch stuff, and you've gotta love the car-dragging sequence which follows – how perfectly cinematic can you get? Meanwhile, the over-the-top (but yet so cool) battle between Jane and a hired Russian assassin is one of the most brutal and exciting I've witnessed. Also watch out for one of the most painful sequences put on film, which shows you don't need gore for effect – all I'll say is that it'll put you off piercings for life! All in all, THE PUNISHER is a dark and brooding action flick, expertly directed and with real style. Bring on the sequel.


a great action film. for the high respect for the original source. for humor and for the use of cultural references. and, sure, for Thomas Jane who does a real good job. a film about values, justice and revenge. few memorable story - the huge Russian and the ignorant friends, the family moments and , sure, John Travolta in a role who reminds many others from his filmography but remains interesting. a film who respects its basic idea and this is the motif to give more than kicks and enormous confrontations, blood and explosions. but a coherent story, not always credible but for fans of cartoons and for the admirers of true fights could be enough. and, best detail, not only for this categories of public because the story real works . short, a good film. or just pure entertainment.


An undercover FBI agent becomes a vigilante assassin and sets out to unleash his wrath upon the corrupt businessman who slaughtered his entire family at a reunion.The Punisher has had a rough ride in Hollywood. So far as I know, the first Punisher film was in the 1980s and is all but forgotten. Then this one came along, and is probably the best known and most successful. But apparently not successful enough to have the star (Thomas Jane) appear in the sequel, which brought in Ray Stevenson. And what is the deal with John Travolta as the bad guy? Was he still riding the wave from "Pulp Fiction", or maybe this was a small hump after "Swordfish"? Anyway, what they did here was a strange departure. You have the very core of the character -- a man avenging his family -- but that is about it. The FBI agent angle is a bit lame. Sure, you can't have him be a Vietnam vet anymore, but why not Desert Storm? It will be interesting to see how well the Punisher blends in to the "Daredevil" TV series. I feel like that will be the best incarnation yet, and who knows... maybe we will someday get the film we deserve. Though it is not likely, since we're still recovering from an endless stream of "Fantastic Four" and "Ghost Rider".