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Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body (2009)

September. 18,2009
| Horror Comedy

Jennifer, a gorgeous, seductive cheerleader takes evil to a whole new level after she's possessed by a sinister demon. Now it's up to her best friend to stop Jennifer's reign of terror before it's too late.


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You can go watch it for Megan Fox and Diablo Cody fresh off her Oscar nomination and the film is pretty alright to be fair. It is better than most films of this genre. Just don't go in expecting too much. (Megan shines)

Filipe Neto

This movie is the typical light and highly sexualized horror movie that sells well among teenagers. It revolves around a young intellectual girl, Needy, and his friend, the futile and naughty Jennifer, a cheerleader who turns into a succubus after being used by a garage band in a Satanist ritual that required a young virgin to work well. The transformation results from the simple fact that Jennifer's virginity was already part of the past. From then on, Jennifer will entertain herself to kill and eat young males who seek to have sex with her.Megan Fox is the main actress of the cast and plays the lead role. But she's not a good actress. Having a beautiful face and a sexy body is not enough to be an actress, there has to be talent. It's not the case. Basically, what Megan Fox does in this movie is show her body and seduce the audience. But this is not erotic cinema, is it? Amanda Seyfried looks better and works relatively well in Needy's role.Basically the film is just the traditional and overused recipe of sex and terror. Most of the special effects, visual and sound are quite rudimentary and make use of the usual clichés in the films of this horror sub-genre. The scares are few and mediocre. There is enough blood for gore fans, but we cannot properly say that the movie is a bath of flesh, blood and guts. There are many moments in the movie where sex is suggested, but even this is conventional and serves only to hold the teens to the end. There are still some attempts to make jokes, but they are so bad that it's not even worth talking about.


I've seen Jennifer's Body before, and I really, really liked it. But lately I've been thinking about how great this movie actually is, and I really wanted to see it again. Like I said about a year ago, the story of Jennifer's Body is way more interesting than you'd think when you read the summary. The very beginning of the film feels not as clichéd as you'd expect this movie to be. The writing is excellent in this movie. The movie keeps you in its hook. The best part about the writing is the dialogue in this film. All those remarkable lines are simply delicious. Sure, the realism of the dialogue doesn't really make you dizzy, but it sounds good and stands out from typical dialogue. Diablo Cody's dialogue has always been impressive. While I wasn't fascinated by Juno, a film written by her, it was mostly because of the themes and plot of that film: I still liked Cody's dialogue.Jennifer's Body isn't actually a scary film, yet the makers of this film have used the horror themes excellently. There are a few jump scares that scare you for a little while, but don't actually leave you scarred, and they are pretty easy to predict. There are a few disgusting bits, few brutal and bloody bits, and supernatural horror with demons and all that jazz. All those elements work well together, like they usually do.The thing about this film is that it should be a total B-movie but it isn't. Jennifer's Body is excellent instead of "so bad it's kind of good". Yes, many people don't like this movie, or actually hate it, but I'm not exactly what the reason for that is? "It's ridiculous?" Every movie has it's ridiculous moments, otherwise they are so serious they are boring. I can't think of any reasons. The cast is so wonderful in this film. Megan Fox is such a skilled actress and she's absolutely fantastic as Jennifer. Amanda Seyfried's charm as Needy seems to be the complete opposite of Fox's charm, and together their chemistry just makes you dizzy. Wow.Jennifer's Body is one of my favourite movies. It has amazing female characters, intriguing plot and amazing dialogue. It has everything I need in a film, yet I'm not giving it the full score because of several clichés and how it's not exactly a very original movie. It's still great and definitely worth watching.

Reanna Keller

Jennifer's body is one of those movies that you probably will either love or hate. I on the other hand prefer to love this movie.Jennifer Check is the one girl in school who is drop dead beautiful. She gets mixed up with a band called Low Shoulder and they are Satan worshipers. They offer her soul for fame and fortune but it ends up turning her into a succubus. Her best friend Needy is the one to realize something is wrong and decides to stop her.Adam Brody who plays Nikolai, the lead singer of Low Shoulder is a great casting choice. Know for being the hilarious Seth in the O.C, he does good at still being comedic yet a dangerous killer. Megan Fox who in real life is drop dead beautiful plays a very good female killer. Amanda S. as well has a great talent.