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Back to the Future Part III

Back to the Future Part III (1990)

May. 25,1990
| Adventure Comedy Science Fiction

The final installment of the Back to the Future trilogy finds Marty digging the trusty DeLorean out of a mineshaft and looking for Doc in the Wild West of 1885. But when their time machine breaks down, the travelers are stranded in a land of spurs. More problems arise when Doc falls for pretty schoolteacher Clara Clayton, and Marty tangles with Buford Tannen.


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This is the final entry in a great sci-fi series, which I think is kind of an underrated sequel, yeah, it's not the best in the series in my book but it has merit, and unlike most movie and TV series it does what most fail to do, conclude on a positive note. The only misfires I have are the pacing comes off just a tad slow, mainly in the middle where not much really happens until the final half which makes the film less exciting. The soundtrack isn't that memorable well except on track by Alvin Silvestri but that's it, probably because country music isn't my genre. Which sort of gets to my other problem which is really just me, the Western genre just isn't my genre it's the same as how I feel about musicals, courtroom genres, and any others I don't get into highly, like there is a western or two I like mainly the TV shows "The Young Riders" and "Guns of Paradise" (both 80's shows) even the 80's cartoon show "Brave Starr" if you want to count it, but that's basically it. That's just how it is with lots of people there is some music or even sports they like or don't like, it's part of what makes us unique. So yeah, that one of the reasons I don't watch this entry too highly.Now that that's aside let's get down to business, I do like the plotline, honestly didn't mind the idea of taking it to the old west which was a different idea and kind of makes sense when you think about it going to the beginning of Hill Valley when both Hill Valley and America were still young and changing, innovations on the rise just budding into fruitation. But also, I like that fact that both the western and sci-fi genre mix, I always love a mix in genre which show you can do more with them. Let alone sci-fi westerns aren't something I see every day, the only ones I can think of are TV shows like "Brave Starr", "Galaxy Rangers", and movies like "Outland", and "Cowboys and Aliens" all underrated gems.Characters are good as usual, the back and forth between both Marty and Doc is intact. I really like how Doc Brown is a little more the main character of the film this time and for once Marty is more the supporting character, it makes sense having this switch since this is the final entry why not. Doc as usual is just hilarious he has some of the best comedic moments, my favorite is the whole dilemma with the alcoholic drink, I won't say anymore than that you just have to see it yourself it's hilarious. Marty is good as usual, I really like it when he interacts with one of his ancestors Shamus McFly whom is of course played by Michael J Fox, really liked Mike's performance as that character really bought this was a different person, he a bit of another mentor figure for Marty. However, in this film Marty has a subplot where he must learn an important lesson in not giving into dares and what true courage is about, which I thought was good and is somewhat a plot device for the final half of the film.And of course, Bufford Tannen this believe or not is my favorite incarnation of Biff he's as usually a fun dirtbag. His looks reflect his attitude where he is just dirty, grimy, and dangerous as he just seems to have a short fuse and trigger happy as he's ready to blow anyone away that tees him off. However, he's as usual idotic, as we see once again he does some dumb things that even a second grader can easily avoid, let alone intellectually poor as he doesn't even know one number that comes before or even after another.I like the new character Clara played by Mary Steenburgen, it's ironic considering she was in a time travel film in the 80's "Time After Time" another under the radar gem; so thats two in a row for her not bad. She's a highly intelligent woman whom is interested in science and curious about things in both science and life which makes both Doc and her a good match. The chemistry between both Clara and Doc is solid, I wouldn't say one of the best romances I've ever seen in my book, but I'd take this over any of those crappy ones from a soap anytime. I bought into it because the two were doing what most couples should do interact, though I think what makes this stand out is throughout both their relationship and the adventure Doc actually grows a little becomes a little more of a man as his confidence grows, like seeing him stand up to Bufford Tannen not even afraid as Tannen has a gun on him, it really shows strength in Doc that you can't break his spirit no matter what.There are once again some fun moments. Like seeing Marty in that shooting gallery sequence and seeing him shoot each of the targets and it's funny what he says at the end of that as well as using a pie plate as a frisbee. As well as most of the final half which was were most of the excitement was with the final showdown and the race Back to the Future.But it then of course comes down to the final minutes of the film that I found touch and kind of sad at the same time because it really assured us that this truly is the end of the series. Though I wouldn't fret too much if you want to see the expanded universe "Back to the Future" adventures there is the comic book series from IDW which are pretty cool. Other than that, I honestly felt this really was a satisfying conclusion to a great sci-fi franchise. I'm going to miss this series, but Marty and Doc have had their final time traveling adventure and rode away into the sunset, so farewell Marty and Doc where ever you go in life and time you never far away.Rating: 3 and a half stars


I hope that Robert Zemeckis never break our hearts, with a remake a reboot, spin offs, or garbage like that.A lot of generations just LOVE this movies, and I think that Back to the Future Trilogy still be the best adventure-Sci-fi trilogy, with original script. Pure romanticism of the 80´s and 90´s no CGI, a perfect work from his director, that it´s just simply awesome!BTTF III always be in our hearts because it´s just a piece of the pop culture. Forever and ever. And this is very Heavy.


There is just not words for how much I love these movies. If you haven't seen them, you are really missing out. This is a classic that is just good over and over. Just a masterpiece.


It's fair to say that BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III is the third and least of the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy; it's merely an average Hollywood comedy adventure movie with sci-fi flourishes, while the first two films in the trilogy were bona fide classics.The problem with this film is that the science fiction material is really limited to just the first twenty minutes. For most of the running time, this film is merely an ordinary western adventure which seems happy to run through all of the clichés in the genre: there's the duel on the dusty screen, the gang of horse-riding villains, the showdowns in the saloon, the chases, and the unwanted romantic sub-plots. The inclusion of the Mary Steenburgen character was a particular reason I remember for disliking this film when I watched it as a kid.It's certainly not a bad film, although it seems worse when you compare it to the earlier films. Michael J. Fox remains good value even though he's only required to go through the motions this time, although Christopher Lloyd's acting goes beyond the boundaries of ham and becomes quite ridiculous. Still, at least the movie picks up for the extended train sequence at the climax, which doesn't disappoint and recaptures some of the old movie magic.