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The Interpreter

The Interpreter (2005)

April. 22,2005
| Thriller Crime

After Silvia Broome, an interpreter at United Nations headquarters, overhears plans of an assassination, an American Secret Service agent is sent to investigate.


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a good movie. against its script. as result of smart work of Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. and for a splendid idea who has not the right adaptation. at the first sigh, it has each ingredient to be a great film. politics, crime, love affair, shadows of guilty, ambiguous relationship, a place who could be used in many brilliant ways. and a great director. but, scene by scene, the impression remains the same - something missing. something important who is necessary to give coherence to a story who must be seductive in each detail. the good thing is the art of actors to complete the mistakes of text. but theirs fight is the perfect mirror for discover the spirit of improvisation behind the scenes.

Python Hyena

The Interpreter (2005): Dir: Sydney Pollack / Cast: Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, Earl Cameron, Jesper Christensen: Tense and provocative thriller about translation and connection. Nicole Kidman plays an interpreter who was raised in Africa and she overhears an assassination plan. Sean Penn plays an investigator assigned to dissect claim or truth of her accusations. Great setup is very detailed and doesn't give in to conventions until dealing with a hinted innuendo. Directed by Sydney Pollack who makes details uncertain. He can expand any genre with films such as Tootsie and Absent of Malice. Kidman holds strong and takes viewers into the details of her job. She is skilled at her job but becomes involved in a struggle for survival when paranoia checks in mixed with consequences. Penn as the cop recently lost his wife to infidelity then to death. The issue with Penn is that he is a great actor positioned mainly as a potential romantic tease to Kidman. Catherine Keener as Penn's partner is another fine actor wasted in standard material that is beneath her. Earl Cameron as the political figure in question is not seen much but the role is polished with plot twists and facts that have Kidman taking aim. Perhaps the film's one weakness is that supporting characters aren't as well drawn as they should be. Tense thriller about operations and hearing things you shouldn't. Score: 9 / 10


for cast and director. for respect of rules of a thriller. but, in same time, predictable and forced in many scenes. in search of public, the love story is one of ingredients. and the sentimental agent is not really credible. but, it is a nice film. not great, not impressive. only nice. and interesting for the acting of Kidman and Penn.but, nothing more. not convincing, not powerful. only new form for old essence. war for justice, the woman crusader, the problems of Africa, pink definition for an organization under American control, moral victory and presence of Polanski. its basic sin - the expectations. but it is not so great.


I found the movie not to be as good as the majority of the critics did. In my opinion it has many flaws, a lot of details in the plot are unclear and have remained so, and even the suspense could have been better. Worse of all, the ending is ridiculous and completely unbelievable.On the positive side, Kidman and Penn both perform very well and the chemistry between them is good. Also good is the plot in general openly inspired with the history and the present of Zimbabwe, and more precisely the story of Robert Mugabe. All in all, a little better than standard Hollywood fare, but nothing special.