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Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill (2011)

November. 11,2011
| Comedy

Jack Sadelstein, a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife and kids, dreads one event each year: the Thanksgiving visit of his twin sister Jill. Jill's neediness and passive-aggressiveness is maddening to Jack, turning his normally tranquil life upside down.


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The only reason I saw this so called movie is because I was in the hospital with nothing to do and my roommate had a couple of DVDs and she unfortunately chose this one. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the worst "movie" I've ever seen. I can also say with the same conviction that watching this "movie" was the worst part of my hospital stay and I was there AGAINST MY WILL (because I was a teen at the time). Whatever you do don't watch this movie... I mean you have free will and all but I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.


First off, I would like you all to know that I am a kid, and I thought this was a great movie! So, why all of the bad ratings?Jack and Jill is one of the funniest movies that I have ever seen. I love that Adam Sandler is playing both Jack ad his twin sister, Jill. I thought that he did very well on both parts. Now, I can tell by the reviews that adults do not enjoy this movie. but please! Show it to your kids! They'll love it, just as I did. Some of the humor is slightly gross, and there are one or two slightly inappropriate parts, which is why my rating isn't a 10. Another reason is because I thought having Al Pacino in it was a bit odd, but that is just my opinion.I would show this movie to your kids, and I rate this 7/10.

Oliver Thatcher Watson

I think it's at this point where Adam Sandler has stopped trying. With a poorly written and mean-spirited story, bad script, cringey acting, painfully unfunny settings, and an unfortunate waste of a good performance from Al Pacino, there's almost nothing about this film that is good in the very slightest. It is an absolute cringe-fest that doesn't have enough to impress anybody. It is beyond me how Al Pacino thought this film would be any good enough to be in it. What's depressing is that his performance, which actually wasn't bad in this film, could have been used in something else, instead of absolute garbage like this. I recommend to just avoid this film at all costs, as it's not worth wasting an hour and a half of your life cringing at a poorly acted, stupid, bad premised film that won't do anything but depress those who are fans of Al Pacino.


I rarely watch anything over and over, but we're watching it for maybe the eighth time right now. This movie was not only cleaner than a lot of the trash that's out there but funnier. I don't get the low reviews. I really like this movie. Adam Sandler as his sister was very much likable, and actually adorable. The movie is filled with laughable moments, even some hilarious ones.