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Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011)

September. 09,2011
| Comedy

A kid from the Midwest moves out to Hollywood in order to follow in his parents footsteps -- and become a porn star.


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Yes, Quite possibly one of the greatest family movies of all time. This movie is very multi-cultural and lives up to the great critic response. This movie has impacted society so much following the come of the infamous young notorious 'Bucky Larson'!. Bucky appears to be your every day sweet heart but deep down he's a chigga chigga bad boy, unlike P'diddy Bucky Larson is not gang related, he is affiliated with the top people in the industry of L.A and uses his ol' folks skills to succeed in life. This movie will inspire young people all around the world to follow their dreams and not give up when the chicks are down. This movie smashed in records at the box office snatching a whooping '$2.5 million' the budget happened to be '$10 million' but its times like this when the chicks are down that like 'Bucky Larson' that you buckle up and follow your dreams. Watch other movies like 'Shawshank Redemption' 'Batman: Darknight' or the basic and generic 'Babby Driver' none of these movies compare to the sophisticated 'Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star'. The amount of diversity and satisfaction you obtain is quite unique and fresh to the audience. In conclusion this film is far better and timid compared to the 'Doogie Howser TV SHOW'. The kids will love it as well whats better then that? That's a rhetorical question by the way of course there going to love it. Bucky Larson the character is the definition of raw perfection and 'Nick Swardson' the actor is very talented. Thankyou for reading my review remember at the end of the day everyone is en- tilted to their own opinion xox - Regards the LU WIZZAR foundation

Python Hyena

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011): Dir: Tom Brady / Cast: Nick Swardson, Christina Ricci, Don Johnson, Stephen Dorff, Kevin Nealon: Aimed at the lowest common denominator yet it references the fact that everyone has a purpose in life. Bucky Larson is met with the reality that his parents were porn stars decades ago, and he is so excited that he sets out to Hollywood to seek stardom as well. Tom Brady whose The Comebacks is a misfire does so again with pathetic semen jokes. Nick Swardson plays the buck-toothed Bucky whose unappealing physical appearance and small manhood render him a star in the adult film industry but what is interesting here is what Larson will find truly important and how he renders stardom upon how others see you. Christina Ricci is way too talented for her cardboard role of waitress whom Bucky befriends. Her dish tray trauma is stupid, and her liking of Bucky is not convincing. Don Johnson steals scenes as a porn director who seems tailored after Burt Reynolds in the superior Boogie Nights. He was eliminated from a party but discovers Larson and renders him a star through his shortcomings. Eventually Johnson owns up to his own mistakes and misjudgements. Stephen Dorff as porn star Dick Shadow is the predictable rival whose award record will be challenged. Bucky's teeth are an obvious bad prop, and the whole ejaculation joke is pathetic especially with its poor comic aims. Vulgar yet observant take on the porn industry and our trust in physicality, results in a comedy devoid of humour and leaves more shame on anyone involved in the industry. Score: 4 / 10

Jose Cruz

This is extremely heavy stuff, made for specialists in comedy. Most people will not get Tarkovsky's The Mirror and in the same way most people will not get Bucky Larson. There are few that get The Mirror and a few that get Bucky Larson and these two groups of people do not intersect easily. I rated The Mirror, 10/10, and Bucky Larson, I rate it 9/10, the same ratings I gave for Citizen Kane, The Godfather, Rear Window, Fanny and Alexander and Vertigo.I personally think that Bucky Larson is vastly superior to most comedies. Take another random comedy, House Bunny, that was a plain bad movie but this is much more than that, if you are able to get it, of course. One needs to be able to fully master the art of watching crappy comedies before trying this kind of stuff which was made for the specialists. I have already watched hundreds of bad comedies and about 20 Adam Sandler movies and this operates on another league of greatness. I would say that I got a lot of fun from watching this impressive work of art that defies convention and goes where no other movie has gone before. It was a "bad movie" done entirely on purpose by the director and writers. Just like the porn movies Bucky made in the movie, this is innovation and film critics, people who were brainwashed in film school to like 1940's stuff, cannot simply understand the genius of this film, as did the people on the porn business which were shown Bucky film's.My ratings would be:9/10 - Specialists 0/10 - Most peopleI wouldn't recommend this movie for regular people. They will not understand it.

Raymond Watt

I look at the poster for this movie and I realize that sometimes you should judge a book by it's cover. This movie is amazingly awful even by the standard of Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company. That's how you know ahead of time if a movie is crap: if Adam Sandler's name is in the credits as a co-writer or an executive producer, but Sandler himself doesn't star in it. The plot: Sandler protégé Nick Swardson (clearly the Rob Scheider of our time) plays Bucky Larson, a thirty-something, mentally retarded man-child living in Iowa with his conservative parents. He talks funny, has buck teeth, and has an awful haircut, and much of the movie's "humor" derives from that. One day after being fired from work, his friends try to cheer him up by watching "nude movies" only to find that Bucky's parents were once successful porn stars in the 70s. Bucky, who for some reason is not disturbed by seeing his parents in a porno, decides it is his destiny to become a porn star and heads for the San Frenando Valley.Unfortunately his genitalia is so small, he can use a straw as a condom. At the sight of a naked woman, he screeches like a hyena and ejaculates all over the place. Lucky for him a porn director Miles Deep (whose character reminds me I could be watching "Boogie Nights" instead of this abortion of a movie) decides that he could star in a new type of porn, where men don't feel threatened by him and women could feel that they have a prize compared to him.The movie has us root for the most unlikeable schmuck in recent memory. Consider a scene where Bucky auditions for a Mac and Cheese commercial and to the horror of the judges (and the people watching this movie) takes off his pants and starts jerking off and even sticks him thumb up his but. There are many gags like these and they all have no set up. What led Bucky to think that it was a porn audition? Does he think porn movies are the only movies out there? Take the dick drawings montage from "Superbad". That was funny precisely because it had a build up to it. This movie was directed by Tom Brady, not the football quarterback although he probably could have made a better movie. He has previously directed the masterpiece "The Hot Chick" with Rob Schneider, also a horribly unfunny movie that relied only on it's one joke premise. People when you pay to see a movie, please do some research beforehand. Know who stars in it, know who wrote it, who directed it. Read some reviews If you do so, you may always avoid seeing garbage like is. As for Nick Swardson, in the words of Roger Ebert: Your movie sucks.