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Shelter (2014)

September. 12,2014
| Drama

Hannah and Tahir fall in love while homeless on the streets of New York. Shelter explores how they got there, and as we learn about their pasts we realize they need each other to build a future.


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Paul Magne Haakonsen

I decided to sit down and watch "Shelter" solely because I noticed that Jennifer Connelly was in it, and I had no idea what the movie was about and had not heard about it prior to finding it on Netflix.The story was a rather beautiful and heartfelt story, albeit a somewhat predictable one for sure.What made the movie work was the acting performances by both Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Connelly. Man, was I impressed with the performance that Jennifer Connelly put on in this movie, and I dare say that this was actually one of her best performances in a long time easily matching the performance of "Requiem for a Dream"."Shelter" is definitely well worth taking the time and effort to sit down and watch. And I will say that it actually does shed some light onto a world that I assume most of us just walk straight past without even throwing a second glance. So a big thumbs up to director and writer Paul Bettany for his achievement with this movie.If you haven't already seen "Shelter", then I can only strongly recommend that you take the time to do so, if you have the chance. Because this is definitely a movie that will stick with you.

Michael Ledo

This is the story of two NYC homeless people. Tahir (Anthony Mackie) is from an African Nation that politically correct word checks don't allow. He has overstayed his VISA, but they won't ship him back. He is living on the streets playing plastic buckets as drums for donations. He espies Hanna (Jennifer Connelly) another homeless person with a heroin addiction. They do well apart, and their troubles begin when these two people worlds apart come together and try to live as a couple with semi-deep theological discussions.The film shows a little bit about the shelter system, but not enough to be an exposé, just a sad drama. The film is well done and acted, although it does jump a couple of times. For those that like sad slow moving realistic dramas to make their life feel better, this is the one.Guide: F-bomb, implied sex, brief nudity.

Alan C

I cannot believe I am writing a review as I never do. This is a gut and heart wrenching movie. I am sitting in silence and almost in shock. Incredible story of life on the street for this unlikely couple that might never have met under other circumstances. An important movie for our times. Gives a great understanding of the perils of living on the street. Watch it!


Sunday, 15 November 2015: First up, I totally 100% support All Interracial Love stories between men and women. I love to see movies and t.v show where skin color does Not matter, but what's in the heart and mind of two people. Jennifer and Anthony did a great job from start to finish. Anthony did a good job with his accent.This movie was a good movie. Wonder why I have not seen it in Red Box? I can totally relate the homeless situation personally. The movie only shows one time when they actually take a shower. Who in real life would want to kiss or have sex with a person who has not taken a shower in who knows how many days or weeks? I like the fact that Anthony's character defended her and Jennifer's character stood by for better and worse. She loved him so much that she sold her body to get his meds. It was sad that she had lied so much to her father that when she finally told the truth, he did not believe her nor want to help her.The part I hated was this man who appears to help her get out of the cold, only does it for getting sex from her. This is very sad because it shows that men will only help women in need in exchange for sex which is Not true with all men. When Tahir finally catches them in the sex act, Tahir thinks she is being raped and beats the old man to a FUBAR.