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Pet Sematary II

Pet Sematary II (1992)

August. 28,1992
| Horror

The "sematary" is up to its old zombie-raising tricks again. This time, the protagonists are Jeff Matthews, whose mother died in a Hollywood stage accident, and Drew Gilbert, a boy coping with an abusive stepfather.


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I put off watching this movie for years because I just knew it was going to be bad, but my god, I didn't know it was going to be this bad.The original Pet Sematary was not perfect, but it was a decent adaption of Stephen King's book and for the most part I felt like they got it right. This frigging monstrosity was a train wreck from the beginning to end. They obviously decided to make this abomination (1992) coming off of the heels of success of Terminator 2 (1991) as it stars Edward Furlong and his other terrible acting buddy in T2, Jared Rushton. You know what, while it's fresh in my memory, everyone's acting in this movie was terrible. I'm sure the script wasn't much to work with but holy crap. I can only think to waste even more of my time by making useless points of a pointless movie, so it will contain spoilers.-The mother's electrocution at the beginning. If you've ever seen anything about electrocution, no one dies in this fashion by jerking rapidly back and forth to the object they are being electrocuted by.So corny. -The hipster dad is no way convincing as the main character's real father -His friend only knows the pet cemetery as an old ghost story, and yet he later magically knows that where the old burial ground is and how the ritual is supposed to be carried out. -When the stepfather unrealistically loses his cool and shoots the dog, they take the dog to the old Micmac burial ground to bury it.They somehow effortlessly dig a grave in minutes, when in the original, the ground was so hard it took the doc all evening to dig a grave for Gauge. - The dog comes back from the dead, but it's just like the same dog as before, just dirtier. Sometimes it growls. -The dog attacks the stepfather at the Halloween party and instantly kills him with one bite to the neck. -The two kids somehow drag the stepfather's dead weight lifeless 250 pound body all the way to the Micmac burial ground. When the stepfather comes back to life, he's like the same guy, just not grouchy. Pretty cool to be undead huh? Oh, and apparently still goes to work too. Sometimes he acts goofy. -The dad has a sex dream about his dead wife.....wearing a bad dog mask. Sheesh. -The undead sheriff for some reason digs Edward Furlong's characters mother up and totes her up to the Micmac burial ground to be buried, complete with headstone and flowers. Quite a feat. Wouldn't she have been buried back in California where she died at the beginning? -The entire scene back at the undead sheriff's house. Just...what? -The mother finally returns from the dead, and lo and behold, she looks like she just stepped out of the salon. Not a bad looker for being dead for months. -Edward Furlong gets in a fight with the undead bully (who is somehow more undead that anyone else has been so far) and defeats him by sticking a live power line in it's mouth while not getting electrocuted himself. -Some other ridiculous things happen and she decides to catch the house on fire for some reason. Father and son escape while mom decides to stand in the middle of the fire and melt (yes melt) like a bad wax figure. She has time to burn all the way to a skeleton, but the room still remains partially burning.Why am I writing all of this? I have no idea.I guess it was just such a bad movie and an insult to the original that I couldn't help myself. How someone could consider this a good, or even OK movie just blows my mind. Yes, it is that bad.

Rainey Dawn

This one is better than one would guess it to be... can be funny at times, scary at other times - makes for good horror entertainment.There are some good actors in this movie - the two that play real jerks in the film: Clancy Brown as Gus and Jared Rushton as Clyde and do a real good job at getting you to hate their jerky characters!! Very good performances. As for the rest of the cast: Good performances again!! I'm very happy with all of the actor's skills in the film! The story is what's slacking just a wee bit from the original film but I do find this film entertaining!! It's fun to watch! I pulled out a few films tonight and let my kitten touch the one film to watch this afternoon... this is film she touched with her paw so it's the one we watched first today. I laughed when the first scary music came out of the speakers because she ran up my belly and hugged up against my neck! I knew we'd have fun watching this one together and it was very delightful!! 7/10


OK now i know that a lot of people hated this movie but i thought it was good i prefer to watch this one compared to the original one if i am honest. Anyway acting could have been better storyline was more or less kind of the same (people and animals die are buried then come back)the movie does flaw in places but then again no movie is perfect. I also found that this one was easier to follow than the first one was so with that being said i would rate this movie a 7 out of 10. And apparently i have to write 3 more lines ummm cant really think of anything to say but i think that its pretty stupid you should just be able to write what you want then post in instead of having to drag it out for 10 lines.


John Connor and Goose, get fed up of Hollywood after their mother and wife, respectively, gets killed. They move to Ludlow to start a new life, but soon John is being bullied by a gang led by the boy from Big.One of the gang, Drew, soon befriends him, and they form a little partnership. Drews step-dad though is The Kurgen from Highlander, and doesn't really enjoy him being around the house.The Kurgen kills Drews dog one night, after it tries to hurt his chickens, but lo and behold, John and Drew decide to bury the dog in the titular place, with predictable results...Where's the T-800 when you need him?...The first film was very good, and most importantly, disturbing. It channelled on raising the dead, and being unable to cope with loss. And its point was made clearly and bluntly.This however, tries to be a little bit more, and at times, its seems that its aiming for generation X with its out of place soundtrack, and the overall feel.Furlong was probably cast wholly on his T2 success, and is basically John Connor who goes a bit mad at the end. Edwards is wasted in this, spending his time looking either concerned or perplexed.But the best thing is Brown, who really cranks the cheese up to eleven. He doesn't make the film any better, quite the opposite in fact, but at least when he's on screen, the films never boring.The biggest problem is that its not scary, and its biggest failure is that it doesn't have that foreboding sense of dread that the first movie did.The film verges on parody, and is just a blatant cash in on Kings name.But it is the best movie where someone gets killed by a ton of potatoes....