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Miss Dial

Miss Dial (2013)

March. 07,2013
| Comedy

A consumer affair rep who works from her apartment decides to play hooky one day, and spends her time calling random people, looking for new connections


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I really had somewhat high expectations for this film once recognizing actors whom I consider have wonderful careers in entertainment such as Sam Jaeger, Gabrielle Union, Dule Hill, Beth Grant, John Kapelos, just to name a few featured in the film, but upon actually watching the film in it's entirety I was severely disappointed. The actors who I thought had primary roles were featured for maybe twenty seconds at least! However, it is not the work of the many supporting characters that makes me rank this film so low, the low ranking is because I was very bored with Robinne Lee's character! Initially, I was searching for an African-American actress starring lead in a film, and I found 'Miss Dial'. Unfortunately, Robinne Lee just didn't have any... 'pizazz' whatsoever. Other than the acting capabilities, I wonder if the film budget was very very low, or independent, or... just bad? Maybe I've grown accustomed to the "typical" Hollywood movie set: glowing and unlike real life as many know it, but that's what makes a ROM COM feel like a ROM COM to me! Yes, this film portrays the simplicity of REAL life with low lighting and very cost effective scenery, but when films have the ability to portray brilliant images and capture shared moments, those that lack the spark and the effect are left in the dust. I guess that is how you can separate movies like this from films that leave an affect.

Eric O'Neal

The first thirty minutes, there was actually some hope in my mind that this movie's plot would really take off. It did take long to prove I was sorely disappointed. There are some funny moments that make it seem worth holding out for but ultimately this movie proves to be simply too predictable. Perhaps the worst part of the movie is when the lead actor cries but just can't get those tears flowing. Woman's man is cheating, she finds another love interest, and she moves on. It's a definite A on originality though. Lead actors were very relatable to regardless of how bland their storyline was. Cameo from Gabrielle Union was perhaps the funniest part of this movie. This was the first film this particular director was in charge of however, so plenty of room for improvement. Great Actors, bland plot and original storyline.

John Kilbourne

Miss Dial is another one of those movies that you wanna see for other reasons than the plot itself. The film seemed interesting because of the director's approach to it. What made me curious was that the film was supposed to be shot so that no two characters would be filmed together. Although the idea seemed awesome, the execution of it was honestly just disappointing. The movie started off well, but quickly turned from average to almost unbearable. The acting seemed a bit forced, and sometimes it actually looked like some of the stars were reading their lines off of the wall in front of them when they were faced with a longer part. The story began to just be weird at a certain point, and it seemed like the characters didn't seem to ever face any consequence for the choices they made. Through the middle of the movie the events that take place start to get repetitive and predictable; Take a call, Call a stranger, Get a non intimidating call from your boss about work ethic, repeat. After a while, a new step is added to the circle of events when she calls a volunteer EMT named Kyle who swept Erica off of her feet with his good looks and monogamous principals. The end of the movie was extremely rushed, and extremely predictable. Erica and Kyle both hear a siren outside, and it's finally revealed that Kyle just so happened to move right next to her. Overall this movie is pretty bad, and basically seemed to me like a day in the life of a woman who uses her contradicting relationship with telephones to build a strong connection with a man who should have realized that he lived a block away when he creepily scoured through her Facebook page in the very beginning of the movie.


If you want a good date movie for a Friday night, this one is definitely worth a watch. The funnies parts are watching Erica deal with all the customers' calls and complaints. We know this goes on and we've all probably been on the customer's end, complaining to the service representative. Its funny and romantic, the perfect example of a "romanic comedy." The writing is very clever and keeps your attention throughout the film. It has some big stars from film and TV that you will instantly recognize and some new up-and-commers. For a good movie that will make you laugh and warm your hear, definitely give this Miss Dial a try.