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Move On

Move On (2012)

November. 05,2012
| Drama Action Thriller

Move On is a road movie like no other, because it is inspired by film fans from all over Europe! This breath-taking movie directed by Asger Leth features Mads Mikkelsen on a secret mission in 8 episodes, each taking place in a different European country.


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This is a fun, fast-paced movie. I stumbled upon it while looking for more Mads Mikkelsen. Move On has one of the best car chase scenes I've ever seen. It must've been a fun sequence for the actors to shoot. I wonder how much of the driving they got to do. The other highlight of this movie is the scenery (including Mads, of course). It was filmed in several different cities. The final scene was filmed at Lake Globocica in Macedonia. This location stood out because Mad's character rows a boat out to a huge unexpected hole in the lake. The only reason I didn't give this movie a "10" is I would've liked to have more development of the main character's back story. The suitcase seems to be a symbol of his baggage but we don't learn enough about it.


For the life of me I don't understand why this movie has such low ratings. I truly enjoyed it. I couldn't care less about the producers' intention and whether or not they are advertising something. If they manage to do so through this superb film, good for them. What matters to me is the effect the whole journey has on me as a viewer, and this was something rather addictive. I just couldn't get enough of these road trips.Professional as the character is, his mission is not without danger. He is not exactly Frank in the Transporter movies, nor is he Jason Bourne, nor James Bond on a recovery pursuit, although he is a little bit of all of them. It seems so sad to me that people expect a purpose out of it all. It's not the end that matters, it's the journey in itself. Had that case ended somewhere else, I would have been worried and disappointed. By the looks of it and all the technology and secrecy that are involved, we can have a pretty good (or maybe a rough idea) of the contents of the case, and if it is what I think it is, where would we want it most than on the bottom of the most unfathomable hole? This film is like a song playing through lovely European scenery, with cars, smart phones and precise instructions almost lulling you to sleep despite the urgency of the whole trip. And if I got it wrong, if I got it all so wrong and this is only a piece of crap, there still remains one strong element which makes it all well worth watching: the incredible presence of Mads Mikkelsen. But do I really need to mention this?

Amin Jacoub

I watched this movie yesterday on TV, and from what I read it was made by fans, but the concept were commercial project of the road movie with product implementation. From the beginning of the movie there's T-Com logo and it was obvious that this movie is an experimental project of the telecom company. From numbers of brand new smart phones in this movie it was obvious. The fans in this case were the creators of the various elements in the movie, chooses by officials of the project. Anyway it is nothing but commercial action spy movie, with typical action scenes. The movie lay strongly on James Bond concept, but it is shallow and may be confusing, especially by the end. The plot is all about aged secret agent that needs to deliver strange aluminum case from one location to another. The movie is filled with lovely European countries sceneries, especially from Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. But what makes worth to watch it is an excellent Mads Mikkelsen as an leading actor who held all by his charisma. Mikkelsen is such a great actor that he can make weak movie better one. He also is able to bring complete movie with all bad elements and bad actors to a higher level. This is the case here. The scenario is so weak and rest of the cast are from mediocre to weak or amateurish, yet Mads put a shine on all of them, and brings us watchable product. He is like good ingredient that makes food better. Anyway the movie is nothing to be remember for, except the acting of Mads, and it is probably only for those who admire this actor.


Spoilers ahead- A nameless agent, his mission is to get a Haliburton type case to it's destination. We never find out what is in the case, he's followed and lead by a young woman who seems to be after the case. She is more than a step ahead of the aging secret agent on his last run. We get to see some beautiful European cities and countryside as he drives to each stop, he gets more and more beat up as the journey progresses. The young woman turns out to be someone who survived one of his assignments where it seems her family was killed as collateral damage. He doesn't remember faces, I guess that is how any spy would get by, but she jogs his memory and he admits he was sorry and asks for forgiveness. He knocks her out leaving the money he was going to exchange for the case (she did wind up stealing it) and even her gun. It gets into the Prisoner territory by the end, he throws the case into a strange bottomless looking hole in a lake in Macedonia. He's free just like Patrick McGoohan. I liked it, I like Mads, I like cryptic intriguing stories where I fill in the blanks, I even didn't mind the product placement all along the way.