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Tiny Robots

Tiny Robots (2008)

July. 07,2008
| Animation Comedy Science Fiction Family

In the distant future, Earth is no longer inhabited by humans to be the home of the robots. But like us, these robots had many, many tasks and obligations. Trank, a model of good old fashioned robots, living in the city of New Iron. But when the leader of the city comes up with a terrible plan to dominate the planet, precisely Trank is the only robot able to resist. Filled with humor, wit and new friends, the young hero faces obstacles unbelievable as the desert of Amazonia, Forest Electric and powerful machines to make it to the biggest challenge of all: the leader himself.


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Are you kidding me? The animation is awfull. Video Brinquedo is horrible and copys the "empire" of Disney. Seriusly, I hate this rip-off. If you want to copy, at least do the animation, voice acting ecc. good! I saw that in ALL your movies you just copy, copy, and copy. Video Brinquedo, listen: If you want some succes, DO SOMETHING original or at least try!!!!

Tommy Wiseau

This is a story about a robot. That is about it. But Tommy Wiseau likes it, so you should like it. Robots are cool. The display images are an accurate representation of this movie. It's not as good as The Room, but it's pretty good. Robots are cool. My little brother likes this movie. I had to adjust his helmet a couple times because it kept falling in front of his eyes. Robots are cool. Jose Soares did terrific in this movie because he looks like my grandpa. This movie would not be complete without Claudio Satiro as loudspeaker. This movie would have been better if Tommy Wiseau had directed it. Michelle Gabriel is a terrific directer and artist. Please comment, like, and subscribe for more terrific content. Tomorrow we will do a Let's Play on Minecraft.~With Love, Tommy Wiseau


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Not quite as bad as Ratatoing, The Little Cars and The Little Panda Fighter, but if you're hoping Tiny Robots to be better than What's Up Balloon to the Rescue and Little Bee(both of which almost as bad) hate to break the news but it's not, if anything they're on the same suckage level. As with all Video Brinquedo- coined The Asylum of animated movie studios for a reason, except worse, at least The Asylum has a few tolerable movies- outings, there is no originality to be seen being very derivative of Robots(not a great film but an entertaining one) and WALL-E(one of Pixar's best and one of the best animated films of the past 10 years). Except with none of the entertainment and technical invention of Robots or the enchantment and genuine poignancy of WALL-E. There is at least some bare bones of a story, sadly it is very dull with some repetitive scenes, drawn-out pacing and it doesn't seem to know when or how to end, with events like near-death experiences that could easily have been signs of being nearly at the end. We never care for the characters' journey or get to know them, in fact we never even get to like the characters with all of them being wimps or obnoxious idiots. By the rather cliché tacky ending you were glad to see the back of them. The dialogue is no improvement over the crass and juvenile humour that form part of the Video Brinquedo outings, what is happening is over-simplified and we are even told things through over-explanatory narration that we can actually see which was distracting(like Rock-a-Doodle all over again but much, much worse). The voice acting is just lifeless with everybody, providing that they had any in the first place, seeming to have forgotten their acting lessons. And there is no better news over the animation either, even for robots the characters are designed and move robotically and without feeling, the backgrounds are sparse and blocky and the colours are completely flat, in short a visual eye-sore. To conclude, not the worst Video Brinquedo has done but deserves be left to rust and never revived. 1/10 Bethany Cox