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Lone Hero

Lone Hero (2002)

April. 12,2002
| Adventure Drama Action

An actor in a Wild West show must become a mythical Western Hero when a biker gang descends upon a small Montana town.


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For those living in the Ivory Tower who think that "Citizen Kane" is the movie by which all others should be judged, this movie is complete trash. For the rest of us who remember that movies are ENTERTAINMENT before ART, this movie certainly has the capacity to be entertaining.It's a modern western: A small town in the west, a gang of bandits, and a nobody who has to save the day thanks to an older, tougher mentor. The action is fast-paced, yet refreshingly simple, and the movie deserves bonus points for not taking itself too seriously...in fact, the general pace of the movie switches fluidly between action and comic relief. The direction is effective, with a few inventive shots, and the score has the perfect "modern western" feel to it. The acting, however, is a bit weak. Sean Patrick Flanery acts like he's about to fall asleep, and most of the rest of the cast is completely forgettable. Two exceptions however, are Robert Forster (who is for the post part solid) and Lou Diamond Phillips, who actually overplays to the point of being likable (it's an over-the-top character, thus requiring an over-the-top performance).Anyone looking for a meaningful cinematic experience will surely be disappointed, but if you're looking for an entertaining shoot 'em up, you can do a lot worse.7/10


This film was recently shown in the spring of 2002 on HBO. The twist to this film involves one of the participants in a local town's wild west show given to tourist. A criminalistic motorcycle gang invades the town. It is that participant mentioned above who cleverly fights off this gang, one with the help of a friend who apparently is well versed in weapondry and by getting a few of the towns participants to assist him when the gang makes its final assault to seize the town with their ultimate goal of perhaps killing innocents and pillaging the town for whatever they can use on their travels. Lou Diamond Phillips is ideal as the head of the biker gang with a mean wise guy attitude. Sean Patrick Flannery is perfect as the mild mannered participant that wards off the gang. Robert Forster is good support as the friend of Flannery and the weapons expert.There is a style to this action film that although makes it a sort of "B" film that makes it a cut above similar type films. I would say that the plot-story line is the key that is carried out very well.


Although I was initially nervous about this film, expecting an unoriginal re-hash of vigilante movies with a similar storyline, I was very pleasantly surprised. The cast, in particular, is excellent and this director is definitely someone to watch. I am a fan of LDP and he does not disappoint in this movie.


Lone hero succeeds in being more than just a fun, hard hitting action movie in two ways:Firstly, the basic plot achieves a campy send up to the classic western, here with the action transported to a contemporary wild western town.Secondly, Mr. Sanzel has jeweled well formed characters with exceptional dialogue. The intelligence, and humor of the character's lines really heightened the effect of the pounding action scenes, as well as electrifying the dramatic scenes. Often I found myself just waiting to hear what this or that person was going to say next. The verbal chess matches between the hero and his nemesis were as charged as the excellent battle scenes. The overall effect was dynamic, energized and palpable characters in extraordinary circumstances.Many great performances by lead and minor actors. Of particular noteworthiness is Robert Forster.This movie is a hard hitting, pulsating treat for the eye and the brain.