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Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS (2020)

April. 04,2020
| Animation Comedy Kids Sci-Fi

In the not-so-distant future, Goha City is governed by its largest corporation, "Goha Corp", everything from schooling, to Dueling rules, to much of daily life. Yuga is a fifth-grader who attends Goha 7th Elementary and develops inventions every day that he calls "Roads". He thinks the way Duels are run by adults are way too rigid and uncool, decides to change this world which is too cramped for kids, and battles with his road "Rush Duel" while believing in his creations... In the days that follow, Luke from the next class over hears the rumor of a "King of Duels". Investigating this with Yuga, they run into a mysterious person standing before an important monument... in order to be recognized as a King of Duels, you've gotta win Duels within a limited time! The story of Yuga and Luke, two young boys about to overturn the world of rigid unfun Duels with a new style is about to begin!!


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 1 : 2020


92 Episode


Episode 1 - Ready for the Rush!
April. 04,2020

Yuga Ohdo invents a new way to duel - Rush Duels!

Episode 2 - The Future King of Duels
April. 11,2020

Luke challenges Yuga to a Rush Duel.

Episode 3 - Rock the Rush Duel
April. 18,2020

Can Yuga convince Romin that Rush Duel rocks?

Episode 4 - Rush Duel Resignation
April. 25,2020

Student Council President vetoes Yuga's idea.

Episode 5 - Breaking News!
May. 02,2020

Goha Gazette slams Rush Duels.

Episode 6 - Rushing for Ramen
June. 13,2020

Yuga is challenged to a Rush Duel for a bowl of ramen.

Episode 7 - Disco Duel
June. 20,2020

Goha sends a disco-dueler to take down Rush Duels!

Episode 8 - Rush Crushed Kid
June. 27,2020

Muscle-bound Yosh the Overcrusher challenges Luke.

Episode 9 - Dino Detours
July. 04,2020

Yuga goes on a monster hunt for the mysterious Gossie.

Episode 10 - Behind You!
August. 08,2020

It's Team Yuga vs Team Roa in a best-of-3 matchup!

Episode 11 - Hungry for a Duel
August. 15,2020

Team Yuga and Team Roa enter the second duel!

Episode 12 - Drawing a Foul
August. 22,2020

Yuga and Roa take center stage in the final battle!

Episode 13 - The Chosen One
August. 29,2020

Will Yuga be disqualified for using an illegal card?

Episode 14 - Curry Worries
September. 05,2020

Romin fixes a friendship by making homemade curry!

Episode 15 - A Deep-Sea Duel
September. 12,2020

When Yuga gets stranded on a ship, things get fishy!

Episode 16 - Clean-Up Operation
September. 19,2020

The gang can't pay their dinner bill! Can Romin help?

Episode 17 - Purr-plexed!
September. 26,2020

Kaizo's data is stolen and Yuga hunts to get it back!

Episode 18 - The Beat of Defeat
October. 03,2020

An ex-drummer teams up with Nail to steal the spotlight!

Episode 19 - A Duel of Thrones
October. 10,2020

Yuga takes on a massage chair, who shakes Yuga up!

Episode 20 - What Makes a Hero a Hero?
October. 17,2020

Yosh the Overcrusher battles his own mommy!

Episode 21 - A Taste of Space
October. 24,2020

Yuga meets Celestia, who is out of this world!

Episode 22 - Cleaning Time!
October. 31,2020

Grimes is back! Will he put Luke through the wringer?

Episode 23 - I'm Curious
November. 07,2020

Nail unleashes a never-before-seen move against Yuga.

Episode 24 - Helping a Friend
November. 14,2020

Luke, Gavin and Romin risk everything to help Yuga.

Episode 25 - Maximum Mayhem
November. 21,2020

It's the rematch we've been waiting for!

Episode 26 - The Final Nail
November. 28,2020

Yuga and Nail fight for the fate of Rush Duels!

Episode 27 - Luke Club
December. 05,2020

Luke starts a club at school, but recruiting is hard.

Episode 28 - Training Camp
December. 12,2020

Yuga and his friends go to training camp!

Episode 29 - Heavy Duty Duel
December. 19,2020

Rayne frees friends from the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club!

Episode 30 - Tiger's Breath
December. 26,2020

The Rush Duel Club learns to play musical instruments.

Episode 31 - Draw Draw Draw!
January. 09,2021

The Rush Duel Club is ready for the music competition.

Episode 32 - Here Comes the Cavalry
January. 16,2021

Asana has a surprise in store for Yuga.

Episode 33 - Construction Chaos
January. 23,2021

Forced to transfer schools, Gavin faces a top general!

Episode 34 - Pressure Points
January. 30,2021

Seatbastian battles a massage duelist!

Episode 35 - Demolition Duel
February. 06,2021

A Heavy Cavalry member tries to demolish Yuga's lab.

Episode 36 - Sibling Showdown
February. 13,2021

It's a battle between brother and sister!

Episode 37 - CooCoo Duel
February. 20,2021

Luke goes coocoo when he has to duel against a pigeon!

Episode 38 - Maximum Risk
February. 27,2021

It's Yuga vs Asana Round 2! Does Yuga have new tricks?

Episode 39 - Breaking Tradition
March. 06,2021

The future of Rush Duels hangs in the balance.

Episode 41 - Student Council Crisis
March. 20,2021

Rayne's student council resignation causes chaos!

Episode 42 - All About Space
April. 04,2021

Luke sets his sights on getting some Maximum Cards.

Episode 43 - Change of Plans
April. 11,2021

A mysterious duelist arrives at the Battle Royal.

Episode 44 - The Battle Royal Begins!
April. 18,2021

The Battle Royal starts with Roa and his biggest fan.

Episode 45 - Treasure Trackers
April. 25,2021

The Duel Dinosaur Club has gone extinct!

Episode 46 - Meats vs. Sweets
May. 02,2021

It's meats vs. sweets in a mouth-watering Rush Duel!

Episode 47 - Bad Business
May. 09,2021

Luke is challenged by a sinister CEO!

Episode 48 - Once Were Friends
May. 16,2021

Former friends face off to determine their future!

Episode 49 - Battle of the Band!
May. 23,2021

A battle between bandmates in the Battle Royal finals!

Episode 50 - DJ G!
May. 30,2021

Gavin amps up his game in a duel against Nail!

Episode 51 - Battle Royal Revelations
June. 06,2021

Yuga vs. Luke in the final match of the Battle Royal!

Episode 52 - Battle Royal Finale
June. 13,2021

Someone is secretly trying to destroy Rush Duels!

Episode 53 - Give It a Swirl!
June. 20,2021

A swirly new student arrives on the scene.

Episode 54 - Turbo Rush Duel!
June. 27,2021

Yuga's Rush Duel goes into overdrive in a challenge.

Episode 55 - Water Hazards
July. 04,2021

It's bro versus dude when Luke dives into battle.

Episode 56 - Play Ball!
July. 11,2021

Romin takes the mound against a baseball duelist!

Episode 57 - Kendo Conflict!
July. 18,2021

Gavin aims to KO the competition in a Kendo Rush Duel!

Episode 58 - Pulling the Strings
July. 25,2021

Yuga battles the puppet master.

Episode 59 - Order Button
August. 01,2021

Episode 60 - Legend of The Sevens
August. 08,2021

Swirls hits the library to do some digging on Fusion.

Episode 61 - Face the Heat
August. 15,2021

Roa steps to the plate in a revenge match.

Episode 62 - The Lukeman!
August. 22,2021

The Lukeman arrives from the deepest depths of space.

Episode 63 - President Luke!
August. 29,2021

The next President of Goha is... Luke?

Episode 64 - Fear the Gear
September. 05,2021

Luke is destined to take over his family's business.

Episode 65 - Clash of the Giants
September. 12,2021

A clash of giants... Heavy Cavalry battles Nail.

Episode 66 - Rise of the Supervillain
September. 19,2021

The Lukeman takes on the most dangerous supervillain.

Episode 67 - Space Warrior The☆Lukeman
September. 26,2021

Episode 68 - The Melancholy of Yuo
October. 03,2021

Episode 69 - Field of Fishreams
October. 10,2021

Episode 70 - She’s That One Other Nanahoshi
October. 17,2021

Episode 71 - Danger! Do NOT Mix
October. 24,2021

Episode 72 - The Fantastic Underground Luke Factory
October. 31,2021

Episode 73 - An Adult’s Corporate Entertainment Rush Duel
November. 07,2021

Episode 74 - Duel Zombie
November. 14,2021

Episode 75 - The Mystery of Yuga
November. 21,2021

Episode 76 - The Merciless Tiger
November. 28,2021

Episode 77 - Swirly Revival
December. 05,2021

Episode 78 - Goha Yuga
December. 12,2021

Episode 79 - Rush Duel Sealed Away
December. 19,2021

Episode 80 - The Six Goha Siblings
December. 26,2021

Episode 81 - Irreplaceable Days
January. 09,2022

Episode 82 - Daor of the Rush
January. 16,2022

Episode 83 - Companions
January. 23,2022

Episode 84 - Two Ideals
January. 30,2022

Episode 85 - The Return of the King
February. 06,2022

Episode 86 - The Kirishima Affair
February. 13,2022

Episode 87 - Kirishima Melon
February. 20,2022

Episode 88 - The Truth Behind the Kamijo Gear Company
February. 27,2022

Episode 89 - Tiger & Dragon
March. 06,2022

Episode 90 - To Space!
March. 13,2022

Episode 91 - Fierce Battle! Rush Robot Duel!
March. 20,2022

Episode 92 - King of Duels
March. 27,2022

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