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Kill Switch

Kill Switch (2017)

June. 16,2017
| Action Thriller Science Fiction

A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong.


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The Couchpotatoes

I think the only people that can like this movie are full-time gamers. Fans of the First Person Shooter games. Because Kill Switch is just like watching a person playing that game. I do like playing a game every now and then but I don't like watching somebody play because there is no thrill in that. Neither did I like this movie. It's taking boring to another level. I had to fight several times to not fall asleep. The story is not the worst, it's the execution that is really bad. The CGI's are also poorly done. A game looks actually better than this. About the acting is not much to say. The so-called star of the movie just appears in the beginning, for the rest it's just what he sees that you will see. Why they still shoot movies like that is a mystery to me. It never worked and it will never work. Name one movie that has been shot like that that has success. There are just none.


OK so I have no one to blame but myself for this. I feel for the trailer in thinking this might be worthwhile. I actually rented it and boy I'm sorry I wasted 5 bucks. I'm only 26 minutes in and I already hate this turd. Where to begin. Well as has been the top complaint of most reviewers, it the over use of the ridiculous first person shooter style. Not only was is nauseating done, but seemed extremely amateurish as well. I get what the director was trying to do but it really gets annoying after 10 minutes or so. It actually started making me sick to my stomach and giving me a bit of vertigo. And that's really something as I'm a recreational pilot for one. I've also seen other shaky cam movies I.e., Cloverfield, Blair Witch and a few others. None gave me such a physically unnerving feeling. Next was the tremendously bad acting and writing. The cast couldn't impart any true emotions or express their personality or even humanity. I just didn't have any connection to their characters. The script as equally atrocious in not providing and real storytelling or environment to the film. Everything seemed thrown together and disjointed from scene to scene. There was no setup at the beginning of the film to give the viewer any sense of scope or development to the events. Individual scenes where disjointed and out of place. I also had a tremendous problem with the rather hokey science. As science fiction fans realize, you do have to suspend your disbelief often enough. I mean we're not expecting to see a scientific documentary, but this thing couldn't convince a 6 year old any of this were possible. The whole premise for the new energy source was stupid and juvenile. Yes the sfx were decent at times, and others looked like they'd been cooked up on someone's laptop and thrown in at the last minute as a scene filler or to try for the WOW effect. Oh and you me more gripe is this film gave no sense of scale or location. One minute it looks and feel like Europe and the next the US. I also apologize to our friends across the pond but, the European characters accents sounded wooden and annoyingly unemotional. Was this done on purpose to make it seem like the Dutch characters are evil, or just poor acting by the cast? Can tell which but it didn't matter as the remaining cast did such a horrific job with their roles. Plot holes abound and are so glaringly apparent that the film as a whole looks and feels like a bunch of YouTube videos stitched together to make one whole. Didn't matter in the end anyhow as this one is a major fail. Hopefully someone reads these reviews and saves themselves the headache and their cash. Stay away far away from this dog show.


OK, the idea is not bad, but the directing is ... well, awful would be an improvement. All the deceased bodies are straight, no bent legs, just the arms are up or down. The main character's acting was decent enough, but the rest is bad, mostly unrealistic. Not as bad as an Steven Segal late period movies, but it's close. The CGI effects are not quite updated. The "remembering" scenes are badly written, especially towards the end.

Debabrata Sarker

If you ever wanted a decent Half Life Movie this is the nearest you are gonna get.This has a similar outlandish science fiction plot, portals between dimensions, a Barney Calhoun type character. Hell, the hero even looks somewhat like Gordon Freeman minus the glasses. Too bad the hazard suit is missing. The hero even picks up a crowbar at one point of the movie. I do not know why so much hate in the other reviews. This is a pretty smart looking sci-fi movie which I enjoyed. Seeing the reviews I almost didn't. I am glad I saw this. Decent graphics, the plot is straight out of a video game so are the camera angles. The lead takes 1-2 very stupid decisions but what the heck, its a video game inspired movie after all. I enjoyed this movie.