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Jurassic World

Jurassic World (2015)

June. 12,2015
| Adventure Action Thriller Science Fiction

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond.


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That bubble they travel stays on track even when monster trex spin them hard. Than a tiny turn amd they upside down and never spin back no matter what. Trex shake it amd they upside down. Kids out without bang their head or scratch or pull a muscle or whiplash for shaking so hard.Motorbike in forest ground 40-50miles/hour? Congratulation...Abanodoned jurassic park scene (come on again?) and that building still not cleared out in 22 years. Dinos roaring and making sounds again without reason. They run and hunt and making sounds. That is not intelligent hunter. (That means the film makers not intelligent)Birds killing ppl in seconds with poke them. But they not leave with their food. Why not? One of them poke a helicopters widscreen together with that guy in a second but cany poke a human? As we saw on JP3 birds was so clamsy, probably they know main caracters in film should not be hurt.Raptors communicate wirh that huge mutant trex, and again, human gestures, and stupid sounds. Not professional at all. Probably even Spielbergs grandkids making better sounds when plays with plastic dinos I guess. But why they need to make sound anyway? Just stupid.And again raptors surrounds them in the end and nothing happen just staring. Big guy walks in just open mouth roaring again aimlessly. ..and one of the raptors ends in flame. (It should be exploded also haha)And two monsters fights the end, dont understand why (and not communicate in tbis time) Monster ends in the aquarium with giant watermonster. And making sounds again.That would be the solution to bring the monster straight to the edge of the aquarium instead of put 4 raptors and a Trex in leash.Friendship between trex and raptor is really stupid, but we see the cherry on top when the Trex roaring in the end, again without reason. (Aquarium idea was way much better)Its an expensive low brain Hollywood movie again as usual. No brain, without thinking, without reason. But she run high heels in jungle in whole movie.


First of all, like many of you, I was largely influenced by the reviews which are very harsh. Before letting the reviews guide you through the decision whether your going to watch the movie or not, give it a try. It's way better then you might think but of course there could be some disappointment. After all, no movie is perfect. I'll go with the bright side first. The acting was really good and in no way overdramatized like many are saying. The script was well written but maybe a little predictable here end there. And the dinosaurs were just phenomenal. Now what disappointed me was sorta the development of the movie. The romance between Owen and Claire just didn't really make sense. They first tell us they once went on a date, and expect us out of the blues to understand like there was another movie before this. And if they want to add romance, they should expand it. Make it more obvious there's stuff going on between them. They spend half the movie like they don't know each other and then they kiss, seriously ?! I'll make a reference from the second Jurassic world, were the same thing happens. The other thing I didn't like was its very predictable and typical ending. There's a dinosaur chasing them and they have to kill it, and once they do everyone is happy. I hope they change that in the JW 3, cause its getting a little old. Overall, the movie was great, not amazing, but great. Watch it and make your own opinion.


To be clear, I love the franchise, especially the original Jurassic Park. This movie is also great and entertaining but my issue with it is that it is based one very dumb moment. The "expert" Owen Grady is taken to check the paddock of the Indominus. The very intelligent dinosaur "expects" this and hides its thermal signature. This is all fine. Owen finds the markings on the wall and deducts the asset has escaped. At this point in time logic seems to abandon everybody. Claire drives to the control center while calling them to check the location of the dinosaur, as if that could not have been done from the paddock. Owen decides to enter the paddock with two guards without any confirmation of where the Indominus is. This leads to the escape of the dinosaur as if the cage was made of cheese. Then all sorts of illogical situations pile up one after another. The tracking device seems to have been placed in the one location the Indominus would have been able to claw it out. The team sent to retrieve the asset is sent with toy guns. The boys decide to go on a wild ride among the dinosaurs after receiving the alert that all rides are closed. With all the connected technology, mobile phone coverage seems to be like back in the early 90s. But then when Claire contacts the control center from the original Jurassic Park building right in the middle of nowhere the connectivity is amazing. Claire decides that showing more skin will make her better equipped to handle predators. There are many more facepalm situations but the point is that if Claire had contacted the control center from the paddock as logic dictates, then we would not have had a movie at all.

Shaila Kumbhare

The creative geniuses over at Hollywood have concocted yet another sequel to unnecessarily reprise a series. Jurasic World is full of cliches and scenes stolen straight from the original. Bryce is your stereotypical privileged city-girl who thinks she knows best because she is in a high powered career. But, at the end of the day she's just a woman and needs Pratt, the equally stereotypical, brawny, cowboy to swoop in and save her with his wilderness skills and masculineness. The brothers that are lost in the park are so generic I can't remember what they look like or anything that they did throughout the whole thing- and I just watched it. The main villain is a genetically altered dinosaur that's supposed to be new and exciting to tourists- but it pretty much just looks like a bigger T-Rex. It has a hodge-podge of powers like camouflage and heat detection, which it rarely uses and has super intelligence. Sure, its a hybrid of many types of dinosaurs but none of the dinosaurs that it was created from would be intelligent enough to create a sophisticated ruse in order to escape or know what a tracking device is. Then, it goes on a sadistic killing-spree for absolutely no reason except plot. Animals don't do this! Not even the really smart ones! Another thing that doesn't make sense: despite super dino roaming the island, determined to exterminate all life Bryce still refuses to evacuate because it may lose money for the park. This just makes her character feel false. She wouldn't be this cold, no way. All that being said, watching dinosaurs run around is just fun. No matter how senseless and forced the plot is dinosaurs are awesome and seeing them on screen will always be entertaining. I love dinosaurs so much I'll give it a whole 4 stars.