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Alien (1979)

May. 25,1979
| Horror Science Fiction

During its return to the earth, commercial spaceship Nostromo intercepts a distress signal from a distant planet. When a three-member team of the crew discovers a chamber containing thousands of eggs on the planet, a creature inside one of the eggs attacks an explorer. The entire crew is unaware of the impending nightmare set to descend upon them when the alien parasite planted inside its unfortunate host is birthed.


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The next time you see a good modern sci-fi or horror movie think that it exist thanks to this film.Altough it has been rehearsaled, crossed over, parodied, and even ripped off with some fairly decent results, none of those will match the shivering atmosphere that's present within the clueless crew of the Nostromo ship against a force that's unknown, unstoppable and mercyless.This is the strain of nearly all modern creature horror and skipping it would be an insult to the genre, wether you like the movie or not.


"Alien" is a classic movie with a great story/script, wonderful acting, really good setting, and a well developed first installment of the series. Nuff' said.


I'm not the biggest fan of horror, though I did watch a few slasher movies, including Wes Craven's Scream 1 and Child's Play (with Brad Dourif), but considering I love sci-fi, this is my favorite of the horror sci-fi flicks. I still have the VHS tape of this one and I watched it again on blu-ray and enjoyed it. It does have a lot of creepy moments, and that dinner scene was spoofed in so many other films, TV shows, books, and such, but it made its point. This movie was the catalyst for the Alien saga and this, along with its sophomore outing, are the only Alien films I'll watch. And I'll pretend that the Alien Versus Predator films never existed. I especially loved the sets and the creature itself, courtesy of the late HR Giger. This actually worked for me.

Kieran Saosila

Ridley Scott directs Alien. A story following a small crew aboard a cargo ship in outer space, who come into contact with a mysterious alien life form that turns out to be a murderous predator. After seeing Alien I can safely say all my hopes and dreams of one day visiting the cosmos are now down the drain. This movie is a chilling and well set up narrative that will have you checking under your bed forevermore.One of the films greatest qualities is also its weakest, and that is the pacing. I have to respect that a lot of attention went into the set up of the tone, environment and the atmosphere of the story. Though at times it can feel quite slow, and there are scenes that feel a little dragged out and unnecessary. On the contrary, the climax does feel well deserved and definitely pays off. I just think a little more attention to detail could of been aimed towards the actual telling of the characters themselves and who these people are. I love that the film takes it's time to tell the story, but only wish there was a bit more to it in terms of character development.Due to the fact we don't really know anything about these characters apart from their roles on the ship, I find it so hard to care about the events they go through. Despite this, all character interactions feel genuine and believable so we can at least recognise these people know and care for each other which gives it that extra weight. The one standout that I think all people would agree with is Ellen Ripley, who ends up taking centre stage at some point during the movie and gives us a strong, bad-ass female protagonist that has become an icon for the sci-fi genre. As I say, there's not much to know about the character herself, though Sigourney Weaver plays the part to perfection and without her I definitely feel the film would lose points. Negatives aside, the film is wonderfully shot. There's a great use of lighting throughout the film that helps to set tone, one great example would be a scene involving a strobe light effect which is very intense to say the least. The design of the film is outstanding. Ridley managed to capture the vision of a believable futuristic space ship we all hope to see within our grasp someday, and you can definitely feel that this is a si-fi film right from the get go. From panels on the ship walls to switches, levers, buttons and sounds there is detail in every shot and a strong lived-in vibe is present among the ship.Let's talk about the alien itself. The special effects for the alien are off the charts. There are maybe one or two scenes where you may easily be able to tell it's an animatronic. Though for majority of the film the alien looks and feels horrifically real. This isn't your typical balloon headed bulgy eyes alien, this thing is beastly and sinister, it's an original and unique realisation. Sound plays an enormous part in bringing the alien to life too, with animalistic snarls and screeches it's almost as if they genetically spawned an alien for the film itself. With the addition of the alien, this is where the sci-fi becomes sci-fi-horror. There are some disturbingly gruesome and distressing scenes throughout the story that will have you immediately convinced this being is not at all the friendly kind.Alien is a well directed film that has a slow start though respectively builds up to a unnerving third act filled with suspense and horror. A great use of special and visual effects are present especially for the time it was filmed in. Little character development despite a standout Sigourney Weaver and a very satisfying climax. Not the masterpiece I hear it is but a great film nonetheless.