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Tron (1982)

July. 09,1982
| Adventure Action Science Fiction

When brilliant video game maker Flynn hacks the mainframe of his ex-employer, he is beamed inside an astonishing digital world...and becomes part of the very game he is designing. In his mission through cyberspace, Flynn matches wits with a maniacal Master Control Program and teams up with Tron, a security measure created to bring balance to the digital environment.


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I first saw this movie when I was twelve years old. I just recently saw it again and fell in love all over again. The special effects were state of the art back in the 80s. Still holds up in my opinion.


When I was going to watch TRON, I didn't know what to expect. I looked it up and decided to see it. When I did, I was bored. I don't Think I've ever waited so long for a movie to end. However, let's first discuss the good parts. The villain, Master Control, was neat. He was cool, he was intimidating, he had a menacing voice and he was one of the few effects in the Movie that aged well. When in the real world, the movie was okay. It looked promising and Jeff Bridges was pretty likable. However that completely changed when he entered the virtual world, where 20 percent of his lines were one-liners. And now the bad things: I'm sure the effects were revolutionary for 1982, but they look soooooooooooo dated when watched in the 21st Century. The acting turns bad as well, and we've heard the story so many times, or so we think, but then it gets so complicated it's hard to understand it. You'll probably like this movie if you like computers, but I didn't like it at all. 5/10.

Scott LeBrun

"TRON" may not exactly be a truly great film, but it is interesting, and incredibly stimulating on a visual level. It's also obviously historically important as one of the earliest films to take advantage of computers in creating amazing, digitally designed environments. It really does take you into a different world of sorts. But it's fortunately also not an empty experience, as it does make one think about the nature of artificial intelligence, and even touches upon philosophical / religious themes as well.Jeff Bridges stars as Kevin Flynn, a former program designer for a leading software corporation whose ideas for games were stolen by the devious Ed Dillinger (David Warner). Flynn now spends part of his time trying to hack into the Encom system to find the proof that Dillinger screwed him over. Assisted by his friends Lora (Cindy Morgan) and Alan (Bruce Boxleitner), he infiltrates the big company building, and ends up beamed inside the system by the omnipotent Master Control Program. Here he must participate in "games" and evade deadly tanks and persistent "Recognizers".The innovation in this project, scripted and directed by Steven Lisberger, is impressive. The ideas in this narrative are still relevant 34 years later, and the animation is still quite effective. More tech savvy viewers may maintain that the film does show its age, but all this viewer can say is that he enjoyed the ride on which he was taken. After a while, the wonder of the images does start to fade a bit, but at least "TRON" has the charisma of Bridges, and the abilities of his supporting cast (also including Barnard Hughes ("The Lost Boys") and Dan Shor ("Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure")) to fall back on. Fine electronic music by Wendy Carlos and two songs by rock band Journey also help to make this enjoyable.Followed decades later by a sequel.Seven out of 10.


(Credit IMDb) A computer hacker is abducted into the digital world and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic security program.Tron is a cool movie that knows how to entertain you. I wouldn't call it a favorite of mine, but I definitely enjoyed it. The effects are slightly dated, but they hold up well for the most part, and it's quite imaginative. Jeff Bridges is terrific in it as well. I haven't seen it in a while, but I do remember that I enjoyed it. Take that for what it's worth. 7.5/10