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Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant (2017)

May. 19,2017
| Horror Science Fiction Mystery

The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise but is actually a dark, dangerous world.


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This is a movie about a crew, and presumably a bunch of carefully selected colonists, who have been exiled from earth for the express purpose of eliminating their stupidity from the gene pool. Oh my god are they stupid.


It is quite possible that Ridley Scott simply was trying to collect some change for his incredibly luxury lifestyle. However, it turned to be the worst movie in the franchise. I don't want to spend time on characters motivation, nope. But just think about this: would you hire a crew of complete morons to drive an I-dont-know-how-much-billion-worth space vessel? Carrying about 2K sleeping colonists on it? Would you? During the whole movie, the only thing you'll try to do is to somehow justify actors behavior. But it is impossible - there is no logic, no caution, no though in it - nothing. Just, you know, instincts. A crew of monkeys had had better chance of survival then current ship crew, really. Now - just watch videoreviews on this movie and don't even waste your money and time for going to the movie theaters or buying copy of it to watch at home.


We thought the problem with Alien sequels was the lack of Ridley Scott's involvement? Those were the days. Prometheus may have been ponderous and pretentious, but at least there was something there to think about. This film is like a really bad remake of Aliens--all out war with a fetal/adolescent/grown up version of the beasties, but without Cameron's sense of pacing or the deft characterizations, or Ripley's kickass Mama a Mama battle with the queen bitch. Given the extremely short time frames between prequels and the original series, there's no good explanation--other than asses in the seats novelty--for the constant morphing of the creatures, and these new aborted fetuses with fangs are the worse thing since that other human/alien hybrid at the end of the last Alien sequel. Hairless and without a developed exoskeleton they seem strangely resistant to heavy caliber, automatic weapons. This movie wastes thirty-five minutes getting to any sense of tension and yet, in all that time, fails to develop any significant sense of character or conflict. We just wait for the beasties to arrive and the slaughter to begin. If an unimaginative gorefest with creatures you've seen a hundred times is your idea of a good time, this is your flick. Otherwise, not so much. Ridley, whose BR 2049 was similarly structured like a wet noodle, a once great filmmaker, has simply forgotten how to create genuine narrative tension. It reminds me of Lucas in the second trilogy, though Scott has fallen farther, since some of Lucas's flaws were there to be seen all along.


If you are : angry at this film Comparing this film to alien from the 1970s Expecting this film to change your life Forgetting this is a science fiction film Then you will be disappointed. This film is actually a masterpiece. Give it time... stop being so serious.. enjoy