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I, Robot

I, Robot (2004)

July. 16,2004
| Action Science Fiction

In 2035, where robots are commonplace and abide by the three laws of robotics, a technophobic cop investigates an apparent suicide. Suspecting that a robot may be responsible for the death, his investigation leads him to believe that humanity may be in danger.


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Will Smiths Character is such a total asshole - how could anyone enjoy watching this. Also he is supposed to be a detective (someone with intelligence) not some asshole bitching about his ex wife and insulting and dising everyone he meets -including his mother. Unbelievably dumb and obnoxious. Some role model - not - Fail. What a waste of good CGI, many people worked hard and well on this film. Unfortunately Will Smith and the Director did not. Tom Cruise, now there's a man that puts heart into his roles.


Call it something like "Super-Cop in Robotland" and it might have been alright, but call it I, Robot and it's really hard not to anticipate that the writers have at least read the book "I, Robot". The movie feels like someone briefly explained the creators that "It's like a book about Robots and there are these three laws and stuff" and then they wrote the script.If you like action you will probably enjoy it and the story is not without its moments, but if you're a fan of Asimov and like intelligent Sci-Fi then avoid it... or at least only watch it to get your rage on.


The ending about the robots being slaves and being set free is all a bit too much.This movie is from a book of short stories, the author obviously has a hardcore mindset about this type of stuff - almost like he takes it way too seriously. This flick could've had a better alternative ending, but the film wanted to clearly make robots on the same level as humans with emotions, it nearly spoils the film, it's so out there that this type of thing will never happen in reality, robots can only be advanced to a certain point, but feelings and emotions - no that is ridiculous. The movie at times makes the robots so human-like to the point where at times you feel sorry for them.I, Robot is an attractive film, but is illogical, the ending forces the viewers to look at these robots as though they are actually human, it wouldn't be surprising if the author of the short story series and the writers of this film are atheists, the story is 100% unrealistic, the truth is God made man and woman aka humans, nowhere is it stated in the Bible that robots are made to be just like humans, robots are important in today's society, but not to the extent as the portrayal in this flick.Also want to add about the scene with the cat, as an animal lover i'm hoping that the cat was a CGI cat (the scene with the cat all wet in the pool with Will Smith) cats hate water, i don't believe that was a real cat in that scene due to his/her eyes being two completely different colors.


It's a decent, the casting was relatively good as I think Will Smith is the only person who could handle his weirdly written character which is both comedic at times he has a personal connection with, such as when he meets with the CEO of USR, however on the other hand he gets very serious in others, seen in the scene where Calvin looks at Spooner's (dumb name) cyborg arm. I also didn't like the ending as I thought the message of "Robots will one day overtake humans" was lost when no one died and everyone is happy and the corrupted robots go back to their storage containers and Sunny stands under a bridge for a cool shot.So why'd I give it an 8? Well I really like the number eight it's my favorite number and it's a decent score for a decent movie. The movie is fun, people like fun movies and most audiences would enjoy it. I also liked the few Cyberpunk elements that were included in the movie.