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Bad Moms

Bad Moms (2016)

July. 29,2016
| Comedy

When three overworked and under-appreciated moms are pushed beyond their limits, they ditch their conventional responsibilities for a jolt of long overdue freedom, fun, and comedic self-indulgence.


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This movie is probably the worst comedy I have seen. It's lowbrow, stupid and crude. I'm not saying all comedy has to be super smart and mature. I'm fine with crude humor and sexual jokes, as long as they're actually clever and funny. These jokes aren't. Half of it is just bad words and talking about how they want to have sex with people, and this is somehow supposed to be hilarious. All in all, it's a horrible comedy that bases its humor in bad words. It could be written by 12 year olds.


Good fun movie. Lots of energy and chemistry. Enjoyable watch. Would score it higher but the sound department screwed up in this area. Voices are to low and music to loud leaving you constantly asking "what did she say" after your ears have been assaulted.


Mila Kunis would be an awesome mom. That's weird to say. She's way, way too attractive to me to view her as a mom. And we're close to the same age. Plus I wouldn't trade my mom in for anyone. You know how important family is to me... But if I was reborn and I had to pick a new mom, I'd go with Mila. WTF did I just say? Kristen Bell is crazy pretty and she is definitely pretty enough to play a princess. I do not understand why people would say that she isn't. Well, yeah I do actually but it's so not true! WTF did I just say? Kathryn Hayn is going way up on my hot scale after watching Bad Moms. WTF did I just say? Christina Applegate FINALLY has fulfilled her full funny potential in Bad Moms. I mean that. I love Christina and I've always seen a lot of her work and genuinely thought that she should be funnier on screen. Well she is laugh out loud hilarious in Bad Moms. Finally you sexy momma! I'm gonna crush on Christina hard for the rest of my life. WTF did I just say? Jada Pinkett Smith is a slutty mom in Bad Moms. WTF did she just say? Annie Mumolo is real pretty but she's new to me so I don't know WTF to say. Mila is a great lead in a comedy. Bad Moms is funnier than I expected and a little raunchier. I enjoyed seeing all these awesome and beautiful girls' mothers in the credits. To all the people who gave Bad Moms a bad review...WTF did you just say?

The Movie Diorama

Just so I clear this off my mind, annoyingly the American title remains for the UK release. Honestly, "Bad Mums" would've sufficed surely? I understand why (because the mothers are American) but still! Maybe it's just my OCD playing a part. Anyway, for this comedy we follow a few "moms" who are sick and tired of doing everything...and so they choose to rebel. So now you're asking: how do "moms" rebel? Well, they go partying trying to get laid and wreak havoc in slow motion within a supermarket to the background music of pounding pop/dance songs. I could easily go down the whole "this is completely anti-male" route...but let's take this with a pinch of salt and just enjoy it. As you all know, American comedies don't stick with me. Fortunately, this is actually above average and that's majorly down to the cast. Mila Kunis was great, she had charisma and screen presence. Christina Applegate is always a delight, even if she's the antagonist but the standout is Kathryn Hahn who's vulgarity and crudeness just gets results. Hear me out...I laughed twice because of her. Me laughing twice is like Christmas coming early, it doesn't happen often. Oh, Jada Pinkett Smith should not be on the front cover, she has like 5 lines of dialogue. Underused. Some of the jokes felt fresh but the majority of them were repeated from other films. Particularly the bra scene which was copying last year's The Boss...why on earth would you want to copy that I do not know. The story was functional, the basis of it revolved around a PTA election...I enjoyed it, nothing too memorable though. I guess in the back of my mind...I find the whole concept silly. If I was under that amount of stress (God knows I have been), I would just talk to someone...I wouldn't rebel. You don't see me starring in a film called "Bad Employees". My reviews for comedies always seem harsh, but honestly I was entertained and found it to be enjoyable enough to warrant another viewing in the future.