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The Godfather Part III

The Godfather Part III (2020)

December. 04,2020
| Drama Thriller Crime

In the midst of trying to legitimize his business dealings in 1979 New York and Italy, aging mafia don, Michael Corleone seeks forgiveness for his sins while taking a young protege under his wing.


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Had to watch to finish the trilogy. Not greatly impressed


Not a patch on one or two,but still worth a watch.Script a bit far fetched and pace of film hit and miss. However still enjoyed it and Al Pacino is always good. Despite what a lot of critics at the time of film release said, thought Sofia Coppola was ok and she looked stunning.


'The Godfather: Part III (1990)' feels like a total betrayal of character, a backtrack of immense proportions tacked onto the end of two terrific cinematic achievements. Only the incredibly brave or incredibly foolish would even attempt to touch this series with a ten-foot pole for fear of besmirching either its legacy or their reputation, though this unnecessary epilogue was surely only even attempted for monetary reasons. The insatiable studio was determined to milk this cash-cow with or without the talent that could make it even close to something worthy of its moniker, so perhaps it was best that Coppola and co came on board. Sadly, while it is perhaps better than it could have been and the picture does indeed have a few interestingly inspired moments, the overall effect of the piece is one of total disappointment, leading to an aftertaste of poor writing, bad acting and an utter lack of subtlety that makes you yearn for the first two features again. It almost seems like it's from a different franchise and, while it doesn't quite ruin what came before, you're probably better off not knowing what happens to our mafia-man protagonist once the credits roll on 'Part II (1974)'. 5/10


Old Francis Ford must have really been off his meds when he made this film. He's lucky they didn't take away his director's chair for good. First of all the three leading women were absolutely an embarrassment to the art of film and I blame terrible acting on the director. It's his project and he can either get what he wants on film or get new actors. I think that just about any three other actresses would have done a better job than his daughter, his cousin, and Diane Keaton. Talia Shire gives an absolutely cringe-worthy performance at every step and Sofia Coppola is just no one's idea of an actress. What was he thinking? Eli Wallach was also completely horrible. Joe Mantegna plays a silly caricature of a gangster which works well in parody form on The Simpsons but is ridiculous in this movie. Even Al Pacino phones this one in.Andy Garcia carries about 90% of this movie and without him it would have been completely awful."He dips his bullets in cyanide," it is said of one of the gangsters which is just stupid because bullets are pretty much lethal all on their own.The story is a convoluted mess that tries to wow us with its intricacies but all of the Vatican shenanigans just come across as desperation because they didn't have much of a story to sell.The only saving grace of the movie are the few well-done action sequences and a couple of other scenes that add tension. The meeting between Al, Andy, and Joe in the office, the hit scene in the apartment, the execution of Joey Zaza, to name a few. The helicopter shootout of the casino was way, way over-the-top and stupid.Most of the movie is the film equivalent of fly-over country, or fast-forward country.