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Misery (1990)

November. 30,1990
| Drama Thriller

After stalking and saving the life of her favorite fiction author in a car accident, his manic obsessor holds him captive in her remote Colorado home then forces him to write back to life the popular literary character he killed off.


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Kathy Bates deserved that oscar, great film adaptation of Stephen King's book even if there were differences, I think they adjusted well.That bi-polar Annie Wilkes character was played realistically and amazingly by Kathy Bates, while James Caan's character is still more underplayed, he still managed to pull off a few of those most desperate moments.Supporting characters were good too, very chilling/disturbing moments mainly done by the psychological projection of those characters and scenes - hardly any physical visual scenes needed (apart from the one or two max of the infamous ones).


"I have this gun. Sometimes I think about using it. I'd better go now. I might put bullets in it."Kathy Bates puts on an incredible performance. She actually got an Oscar acting in a horror movie. James Caan performance is also understated.


A famous writer (played by James Caan) gets into an accident while driving through a blizzard and is rescued by his "number one fan" (chillingly played by Kathy Bates). With an injured shoulder and badly broken legs, Caan is bedridden and is cared for by Bates, who at first comes off as a guardian angel; but as time passes, she proves herself to be quite the opposite. Caan utilizes all the imagination of a brilliant writer to find an escape, but it may not be enough to counter Bates' devious mind.My most memorable, movie moment of "Misery" was the "hobbling" scene. No matter how many times I've seen it, it still makes me cringe.Rob Reiner does a good job of directing this Stephen King story. All the elements of a good suspense tale is here, and Bates' performance takes this movie to a higher level of quality.Mannysmemorablemoviemoments


MISERY - 1990Directed by Rob ReinerStarring James Caan, Kathy Bates and Richard FarnsworthPlot Overview: After his car crashes on an icy day, renowned author, Paul Sheldon(James Caan) is picked up by sweet seeming Nurse, Annie Wilkes(Kathy Bates), whom all happens to be his number 1 fan. All is going well until Wilkes reads the end of the latest instalment of her favourite series and discovers her favourite character has met her end. In a psychotic twist, Wilkes turns against Sheldon and forces him to rewrite the story with a different ending.THIS is a good thriller. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire run time of this movie. I didn't even know I could bite that far down on my nails! It is a masterfully written, sensationally acted, expertly shot and edited masterpiece. It is truly exceptional. I cannot recommend this movie any more. Please see this wonderful movie.The plot of this movie is horrifying. King is known for his horror but what is more scary than being at the mercy of some psychotic nurse who is your only chance of survival and can end your life at any moment. You can't escape; you can't fight back; it's you and her and there is nothing you can do about it. THAT is a scary. That is a trademark of great horror. Sometimes a great horror/thriller doesn't need ghosts or an overabundance of gore. It just needs a terrifying idea and it is instantly effective.To say one minor issue I have in regards to the story, it is a little plot hole to do with the end. It makes, no logical sense and I would have liked some more explanation; just a throwaway line or two, explaining what happened. I understand the jist of it but I can't say what I would like explaining without spoiling the film and I will not do that because you need to see this film.Kathy Bates is equally hilarious and terrifying in this Oscar worthy portrayal of Annie Wilkes. She commands this movie and enjoys every, single second it it. It is truly a remarkable performance and 100% deserved the Oscar.A performance that goes under-looked in this film due to Bates' focus that I think is unjust is James Caan's excellent performance as Paul Sheldon. Obviously, Bates is the star of this film and gives the best performance but Caan gives an incredible performance as well. He has to act while acting and that will be a genuinely hard thing to make convincing.Richard Farnsworth is excellent as Buster(the sheriff). The back and fourth humour between him and his wife is perfect and really helps give you time to breathe amidst the intensity going on around you.Both the cinematography and editing in this movie are superb. They help give the film a tight focus and an eerie claustrophobic feel. It makes the film all the more terrifying. Both the costume and set design are excellent, also and give a sense of authenticity to the film.Overall, I absolutely adore this movie. It is a masterfully crafted thriller and I cannot recommend it any more. You have to see this movie without spoilers because it truly is terrifying. This movie is a masterpiece and thus I shall rate it 10 Sledgehammers out of 10.