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Dear John

Dear John (2010)

February. 04,2010
| Drama Romance War

While Sergeant John Tyree is home on two weeks leave from Germany, he meets Savannah after he dives into the ocean to retrieve Savannah's purse that had fallen off a pier. John eventually falls in love with Savannah, who promises to write to him until he returns from overseas.


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It is tough to adapt a Teen adult romantic novel (just ask Twilight) but the problem with Dear John- which is a Nicholas Sparks novel is that there just isn't a great deal of emotional quotient to invest in. The pacing is uneven and the translation from book to screen is hampered by an uneven flow and pacing issues. Another factor is that the main leads Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried spend more time away from each other corresponding through letters and voice overs than with each other. The middle act is a drag and the third act somehow manage to shift the film's genre from romance to drama with all the focus on Tatum's character in Afghanistan and his relationship with his father. Dear John is a miss in many ways.


Okay sooo... I've watched this movie because my cousin was quite sick, and she wanted to watch a romance. I gave up on my idea of listening to Hamilton the whole afternoon, but whatever.* REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS * How do I begin? The beginning of this movie is so Grease-ish. Summer love, and then they follow different paths. Everything alright till then. John's father was portrayed amazingly, and so was Alan. But anyways, the beginning was okay. In the middle of the movie, is where things get interesting. I was already imagining John's father would die, and that made me cry. I was enjoying the movie a lot, and the "she found a new guy"/ "they're engaged" part, was quite cliché as well. I thought they were going to be together at the end, but we'll get to that. When John comes back, and writes the letter to his father, we all understand he was writing to him, not Savannah. That was okay as well, but, why showing that in the beginning of the movie? I mean, I think we all thought the letter was for "the girl", but apparently it wasn't. That confused me a lot. What made me dislike the movie a lot, was Savannah's last letter. I guess we all were like "oh damn. She's going to marry that blond dude", but when her picture with Tim showed up, I started mumbling something like "Tell me that's Tim taking her to the church. It's not what it looks like. It can't be" That Tim-Savannah relationship was quite disgusting for me.I mean, Tim was like a father to her, it was disgusting when I found out they were married. "Tim needed me, he needed me for Alan as well, and I was alone and I didn't know what I was doing"I'm sorry, but you're practically a grown up woman, how can you not know what you're doing? When John came back, her face was practically telling him she still loved him, but they did nothing for that love. Even John knew it, for gods' sake! I've read one review here, and apparently, selling his dad's coins was to pay Tim some kind of thing. Why that, John? The line "If you love her, you need to let her go, even if you get hurt, because you want her to be happy", is a line that is explicit (?) in this movie. He gave Tim the time he needed to be with Savannah and Alan, but what the hell?! It was so useless!! He was about to die anyways, and he barely showed her he cared about her!! Savannah was a bit bitchy tho. She didn't even visit John's dad at the hospital, or went to his funeral, she just stopped showing up. My point is, I didn't like the movie for this simple reason. The "SHE MARRIED TIM" plot twist was awful and completely disgusting, and the final scene is awful as well. What happens next? Are they finally together? We don't even know, because the movie didn't want us to know. Thanks a lot, Mr. Sparks. I won't even read the book. Reviews have said it was awful, and I guess I will believe it, until I finally want to find out what happens in the book that's so special.I guess there are way more Nicholas Sparks movies that are better than this one inescidP.S - This is only my opinion. If anyone thinks other way, I totally respect it.


The story of the movie is extremely good. Sparks also showed the skill in this case. Still, I can not say that I liked this almost two hours. According to me, the main and serious lack of performance occurs when John receives a letter from Savannah that she believes. This is something that in my opinion the whole movie was taken in one direction that is completely wrong. First, I can not imagine that you love someone and you believe in the other way you have sworn in love. Second, more importantly. I'm sure it would be absolutely unrealistic to expect that they will be together after its release. Let's not forget, the two of them decided to return to the field and practically she betrayed him at the moment when he needed it most. As hard as it was, it was harder for him. He is a soldier, whose head was in his bag every day. Every letter from her, for him was the light in total darkness and chaos. It would be much better if the film was made to follow their common story while it is on one side of the earth, and it is on the other. And so until the final merger. There was room to do something like that and make a story that is happening in reality. Music in the movie is extraordinary. The movie would surely have gotten a much higher rating, only that the action was first found in the last third of the film.7,1/10

JÄnis Locis

very light, calming and romantic movie, it is kind of a classic story, nothing too outrageous, the plot is kind linear and not very interesting, but what i liked about this movie was its easy and romantically calming pace and amazingly beautiful scenery.The acting was up there, since the main characters were played by Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum. If only the plot was little bit more interesting this could have been an outstanding love story, but, of course, it was very predictable, therefore not the greatest thing you will see. But eh... what can you want from a standard romantic drama.The couple of these two actors wasn't the worst out there, although, i didn't feel the chemistry between them a 100%, it was better than many reviewers here have said, i don't think these two actors were particularly bad picks for this film at all.Nothing crazy, very linear, slow paced and calm. Overall it is a decent movie to watch after a hard day of work just to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery this film surely had. Ohh... if only life would be as beautiful.