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Jaws 2

Jaws 2 (1978)

June. 16,1978
| Horror Thriller

Police chief Brody must protect the citizens of Amity after a second monstrous shark begins terrorizing the waters.


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As with many sequels to classic films, 'Jaws 2' is a big disappointment. Everything that made the first film so special is missing from the sequel. It's flat, slow, lacking in ideas and originality, and the tension just isn't on the same level as the first film. The storyline was never going to be as good, but I still expected something a lot better. It feels very safe and uninspired, in contrast to the original which took so many risks.You can't help but judge this film against its predecessor, which is probably why it has so many negative votes. Judging it on its own merits, it's certainly not a bad film and is still quite enjoyable. Obviously when a film is a huge success, as 'Jaws' was, a sequel is inevitable, but given how unique and memorable the original was, subsequent films weren't really necessary. 'Jaws 2', while not bad in its own right, isn't good enough to justify a sequel.


The original 'Jaws' must have been a huge act to follow up on for director Jeannot Szwarc, since the original became one of the greatest movie success stories of all time. Although this film is not as good, it was nice to see the original couple in the form of Roy Scheider and Lorraine Gary back for a second outing. If not compared to the original, it is still a good, enjoyable film in its own right.


This first of several un-needed sequels is just a re-working of the original shark flick.Brody tries to save a group of rotten teenagers after almost two hours of filler wherein somebody gets devoured by the mad fish every time an imposed-upon good samaritan throws them a line in an attempt to save their sorry butts.Most of this film is a mirror of scenes in Jaws 1 leading up to when Brody has an ace up his sleeve as the shark swims towards him for the final blow; this time it's not an oxygen tank, but an underwater electric cable that contributes to the angry mammal's demise.2 stars only.... one each for pretty Ann Dusenberry and Donna Wilkes. See Donna in 'Fyre' (1979). What a nice small set of boobs as she goes topless. Ann also shows her young rack in 'Basic Training' (1985).I bet Mom and Dad were real proud of these two little fame-n-fortune hunters who would both do ANYTHING to be a 'star'! Like when Donna shows her breasts, snorts cocaine, and makes out with another chick in 'Fyre'. And where are they both now? Pffft.


Four years after asking a Great White Shark to smile, a series of boating accidents and mysterious incidents convince chief Brody of Amity Island that another Great White had appeared to recreate the magic. Unfortunately he is unable to obtain proof and the Mayor refuse to believe the threat has returned, while various swimmers and boating enthusiasts carry on, regardless to the fact that they are potential bait....At the time of it's release, Jaws was the biggest film in the world, and the film still echoes across the world today, every time a person who has seen this film steps into the ocean, they always think of this.So it was inevitable that a sequel would occur, but without the Spielberg magic, it just doesn't thrill like the original did/does.Jaws 2 is nothing more than a retread of the first film, but this time, it's a little more urgent for Brody, because his family are right in the middle of the final set piece, and he has to kill the shark in a more elaborate way than he did the first time.Gone is the warm chemistry that Brody, Hooper, and Quint had in the second act of the film, that male bonding made that film more human, rather than it just being about a shark.This is nothing more than a nautical slasher movie, you can see the victims from a mile off, and you watch the film wishing you were back on the Orca singing 'show me the way to go home'.Scheider is as wonderful as ever, but it just becomes too mundane for it's own good. Who knew nearly forty years ago that studios would think that a name would be a license to print money, even thought the first film was nothing short of a phenomenon.Parts three and four get regularly lambasted for being two of the worse films ever made, but the third one has Manimal inside the shark with a grenade, and the fourth one? Well that features a vengeful shark who can travel across the world as fast as a jet, and roars like a lion.At least they are not boring. Ridiculous, but never boring.