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Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet (1986)

September. 19,1986
| Drama Thriller Crime Mystery

Clean-cut Jeffrey Beaumont realizes his hometown is not so normal when he discovers a human ear in a field, the investigation soon catapulting him toward a disturbed nightclub singer and a drug-addicted sadist.


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Eric Stevenson

This movie has become notorious or should I should say Roger Ebert has become notorious. This is the highest rated movie ever made that Ebert gave one star to. This has a 94% on RottenTomatoes and what do you know? I happen to be among the 94% who like it. This is David Lynch's best movie and it's actually one of the least surreal. All of the characters are so likeable in this.You have the main character, Jeffrey who falls in love with two women. What's amazing is that they manage to make both of these women very likeable characters. It's to the point where you don't really care which one he ends up with as it's a win-win situation. Frank Booth played by Dennis Hopper is simply amazing. What makes this villain so effective is that he's literally the only character who says the f-word except for literally ONE instance and that's by someone who's paraphrasing him! This is a great way of using bad language effectively. It makes the villain all the more menacing.I believe there was a magazine (possibly "Empire"?) that ranked this as the best movie of the 1980's. Well, they listed a bunch of movies and this was the highest ranked one from the 1980's. It's in fact the best film I've seen for Cult Month. It starts off by showing a severed ear. That's quite a funny coincidence as I just saw "The Fly" which had a scene where Jeff Goldblum's ear came off. Hey, it was Jeff Goldblum's ear! ****


I decide to watch this film because of all the hype surrounding it, and after 20 minutes or so I instantly regretted it. By the time the credits arrived I was bored out of my skull, and I consider it a waste of 2 hours I will never get back. As for the much touted nudity and violence?, are you kidding me?, this film was a joke, there was barely any nudity at all, and if that's the viewers cup of tea, you will be far better off watching "Baise Moi", or "All about Anna"....at least those films have far more decent nudity, erotica, and were realistically done The acting was some of the worst I've ever seen, and perhaps the only redeeming feature of this film was Dennis Hopper, yet the acting was so over the top, it was laughable, as if you're watching a bad performance or something.....Dennis Hopper gives a far more gritty performance in the film "Speed" This film was literally boring as heck, and it went nowhere for me Avoid at all costs


First, the plot lacks credibility. Jeffrey's father gets a serious stroke and Jeffrey should be more concerned with his father. However, in the movie, Jeffrey acts like a SJW and a pervert. He messes up with a married woman Dorothy, and fights with the bad guys that torture Dorothy. Jeffrey almost ignores his father. Secondly, the storytelling is horrible. Telling a simple story in a complicated way, is the last thing a director should do. The narrative is just unfocused. What is the point of the sex scene between Dorothy and Jeffrey? Third, character development is a total failure. Who does Jeffrey love? Dorothy or Sandy? I'm afraid even himself does not have an answer. Why does Sandy give up on Mike? What is in her mind? The main antagonist, Frank, is just flat and one-dimensional, and nobody knows his motive. He is just a psychopath? Fourth, the music score is strange. It always appears at an improper time with no purpose.Finally, with nothing in stake, there is no thrill at all. It should not be called a thriller. Instead, we can categorize it as a non-thriller. All in all, the rating for this movie is 0/10.

Edith Hobbart

To watch Blue Velvet for the first time 31 years after its original release is a treat of unexpected proportions. I'm not going to tell about the story because, I'm sure, each one of us could tell it in very different ways. The blandness of Kyle MacLachland here is a major plus. It's not him that rivet us but his circumstances. And the circumstances are truly riveting, terrifying, unpredictable and gloriously cinematic. Dennis Hopper is superb, disgustingly so and Isabella Rossellini creates a character that was totally new to me. Related to many others but new, disturbingly so. Dean Stockwell has a moment that I know already will stay in my mind for ever. I'm so glad I finally saw it.