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Sliver (1993)

May. 21,1993
| Drama Thriller

A woman moves into an apartment in Manhattan and learns that the previous tenant's life ended mysteriously after they fell from the balcony.


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SLIVERI remember watching this quite a lot in the 90s. I loved this film along with other thrillers of its time.The movie is about a woman who moves into a new apartment block. She starts to get a few people saying that she looks a lot like the woman who killed herself that used to live in her apartment. When she starts to make some new friends in the area, she discovers that there is more to this coincidence than she first thought.This is a typical Sharon Stone film of the 90s. It is full of sex and suspense. The story is quite good, and the mystery element to it is actually not that bad. There are times when I watched the film and thought I knew who the villain was, but as time goes on your mind changes about 5 times. When you watch the movie, you realise it could only be one of two people… but you really are not sure who it is until right at the end.I enjoyed the movie, but to be honest it was not as good as I remember it being. This happens a lot when you return to an old film that you have not seen in many years. It is a shame, but your opinion changes on movies, and with the rapid changes in the effects that Hollywood has made, it is not surprising that you all of a sudden think that the films are not as good. But I still enjoyed it. I thought it was entertaining and I had forgotten who the bad guy was anyway, so the film was still a surprise for me.The movie stars Sharon Stone, William Baldwin and Tom Berenger. Sharon does a great job. She had a very good career in the 90s but just seems to have dipped off of the radar. I believe she is making straight to TV movies now… it is a shame because she is a talented actress and she deserves to be on the big screen. In my opinion, the last great film I saw her in was Diabolique. William Baldwin did a good job at playing a creepy, slimy guy. He was just weird throughout the whole film. I know he was supposed to play the good looking but suspicions type, but he just came across as creepy. Tom Berenger should have had a bigger role really. He was good in the bits he was in, but to be honest he had a relatively small role.The drama and suspense in this film is the thing that carried it through. I wanted to know who did it… The ending was OK, but I thought they could have had a bigger ending. It just kind of felt it just ended. There was more that could have happened.I did like this movie, but it is not Sharons best.I will give this film 7 out of 10."You like to watch? Watch this!"For more reviews, please like my Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ordinary-Person-Movie- Reviews/456572047728204?ref=hl


Sliver is a more tone down version of Basic Instinct or the film is probably a wannabe Basic Instinct. It has a couple of little cute sex scenes, and some over the top violence which like the sex, is very occasional. What we get is a peek into a lot of people's lives who live within this apartment block, it's name Sliver. Stone who acts well, far from her Basic Instinct character, and she's, surrounded by some strong performers, plays Carly Norris, an editor who's just moved into this high rise NYe building, catching the eye of two people, a young mysterious hottie (Baldwin) and a successful, and jealous novelist (Berenger). Choosing Baldwin over the latter, an affair blossoms, as tenants start to die, one looking accidental, the next one, murder, but these aren't the first. A Stone lookalike (though honestly, this woman's more Kristin Scott Thomas looking, with the Stone haircut) in he film's beginning, who ironically was the former tenant of Stone's apartment, is thrown off the balcony, of this towering building by a faceless assailant, which has us jumping from one suspect to the other, and you know whom I'm talking about. Sliver has too little sex or violence, in equal measure. It is great to perve in on the lives of people, one such family, the father is interfering with the daughter. Also we get to see Oz's own Austen Tayshus, sitting a loo, on his cell, arguing with someone. Though of course these tenants, are oblivious to the fact they are being watched 24/7 for Baldwin's sole entertainment. When Stone is let in on this big spy room, you can't get her off the control panel. One scene totally without potency, one could say boring, was the Gym scene. It didn't really need to exist. Okay Sliver is a bad film, but doesn't have a bad script. I just think it's a weak film. It's tease ending, I actually liked, as well as Stone's last line, that summed up Baldwin's whole life brilliantly.

Donnie dark

This sexy thriller wasn't as interesting or well made as Basic instinct and is also some what silly that it has some funny moments though that being said I didn't find it terrible and Sharon Stone looks damn sexy in this at 35 years as a vulnerable woman moving to an apartment where a lady who looked like her was recently pushed from the window. We the audience are given 2 suspects who we believe may have been responsible for the fall Tom Berenger a kinda intense writer and William Baldwin a perverted horny landlord of the apartment who watches his tenants on television films. The film does manage some suspense and I thought the sex scenes were pretty good and probably not as explicit as some would expect so its not bad to watch at night time for a thriller film with erotics.


'Sliver' is easily one of the worst entries in Sharon Stone's filmography. Written by a Joe Eszterhas - the genius who gave us 'Basic Instinct' (which obviously made Sharon famous) the film lacks to deliver. It's suppose to be a tense thriller but there is nothing tense about it. Whole thing lasts for almost 2 hours and is horribly boring for the most of it. Sharon Stone gives a decent performance as she always does but she's very, very far from her top. It's not 'Basic Instinct', hell It's even far from 'Year of the Gun'. William Baldwin is annoying as usual but he does his 'creepo' part quite OK. It was nice to see Tom Berenger, he was probably the best thing about the movie, his acting was kinda memorable so was his character. If you are looking for a tense, erotic thriller, you will be disappointed. It plays better as a drama, there is no suspense, no action, no real twists, nothing you would be excited about. 'Sliver' is barely watchable once. Do yourself a favor and pick the better choice.