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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)

November. 12,2004
| Comedy Romance

Bridget Jones is becoming uncomfortable in her relationship with Mark Darcy. Apart from discovering that he's a conservative voter, she has to deal with a new boss, a strange contractor and the worst vacation of her life.


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Four weeks after the end of the first film and things appear to be going will for Bridget Jones; she is going out with Mark Darcy, the high flying human rights lawyer… that is until somebody tells her that Darcy is spending time with another, younger woman. Even when Darcy suggests they go off skiing the other woman is there too. Convinced that Darcy is having an affair Bridget decides to end the relationship. Things are further complicated when Bridget is given a job reporting from Thailand with her lecherous ex Daniel Cleaver… that isn't the worst of it though; she ends up in a Thai prison after being tricked into taking a large quantity of cocaine through customs.If you are looking for something deep this isn't the film for you; however if you want some good silly fun you could do worse. Renée Zellweger does a great job as the eponymous Bridget Jones. Her character gets into a series of amusing events such as parachuting into a pigsty, skiing down a mountain at breakneck speed when she thinks she is pregnant, getting high on magic mushrooms and singing with the other girls in the Thai prison. The rest of the cast are on fine form too; Colin Firth is nicely restrained as Darcy and Hugh Grant is pretty funny as the sleazy Cleaver. The secondary characters are pretty good too; I particularly liked Sally Phillips, Shirley Henderson and James Callis who played Bridget's friends whose advice leads to many of her problems… it was a pity they didn't feature more. Overall I'd say this probably wasn't quite as good as the first but I still enjoyed it and laughed out loud a few times at some of the sillier gags.


Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is a romantic comedy film based on Helen Fielding's novel of the same title. It stars Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones together with Colin Firth as Mark Darcy, and Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver. It is the sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary.The movie was directed by Beeban Kidron.Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason picks up four weeks after the original film left off, with Bridget emotionally satisfied at long last with Mark Darcy, her barrister boyfriend. Stability in Bridget's life, however, quickly becomes a contradiction in terms. Though Mark is openly supportive of Bridget's numerous eccentricities,she is nonetheless threatened by Mark's young, nubile intern, not to mention irked at finding out that he is, among other less desirable qualities in her eyes, a conservative voter. Complicating issues further is the re-entrance of her ex-lover, Daniel Cleaver, whom Jones, perhaps mistakenly, thought she had finally gotten over. Before long, the situation escalates into another series of embarrassing circumstances for Bridget, who is faced once again with a crippling feeling of self- doubt and has only her diary and friends to combat it.Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is predictable continuation to the Bridget Jones' story with too much slapstick and silliness.Also,many scenes aren't funny nor is the humor presented in the movie effective for laughs.Nor is it clever or interesting.Overall,it is no longer interesting as compared to the first movie.


Bridget Jones's charm that we all fell in love with, in the first movie, has been lost in this disappointing sequel. Watching this felt like watching the original movie with the same plot and the same characters, only done very, very poorly. Bridget gets into many awkward situations, yes. She falls and always embarrasses herself in front of crowds. Yes, we got that. I don't think this sequel was necessary to remind us of those facts.And what the hell was up with that lesbian kiss? I'm not homophobic (I support the LGBT community and I actually liked Tom), but that part didn't just fit in with everything else. I'm not sure if they adapted that from the book or if the director just added that scene on a whim, but it just didn't work. There are many ways to end a book and/or movie with suspected adultery. You could either make the alleged mistress be just a good friend/relative OR you could make her be a rival who'll be crushed in the end, when the main guy says he only loves the main girl. But a lesbian turn of events? Well.. It's different, I'll give you that.But the movie wasn't all bad, I suppose. I liked seeing Mark as a gentleman and excellent boyfriend. The starting was also good, with their matching sweaters (old joke). The part in the drugstore where Bridget tries to explain that she wanted to buy a pregnancy test was also funny. But the part that I remember the most was when Daniel asked Bridget if Mark really says, "I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to come." when they're doing it. That's basically all the good parts that I remember, aside from the ending.Towards the end of the movie, I realized what Bridget resembled. She was like a child. A child with no knowledge of anything whatsoever. Instead of that funny and charming girl that we were introduced to, the woman in this movie, was actually quite annoying.I downloaded this movie, expecting to see a film that levels with the original movie, but I was disappointed. If you're thinking of watching this, don't. You're better off watching the first movie and leaving it at that.


It's very watchable so gets 4 stars but not as good as the earlier movie even though that wasn't particularly good.Hugh Grant is as brilliant as before as the caddish Wickham part, but Bridget is far more off the mark as the "Elizabeth" character even than she was in BJ's Diary. As for "Darcy", what on earth is he with this Bridget for? I doubt it's all Zellweger's fault even though I think she's totally miscast for the original very English wry humour of the newspaper Bridget - Zellweger simply can't do it. I can't understand why a British actress wasn't selected for this part or at least someone who could put over the humour as per British. But give Zellweger her due, she does try very hard and if I hadn't known the original BJ and Austen's P&P before it, she'd do as a different type of Bridget - a bit dim which Elizabeth and the original BJ weren't. No way, however, is this Bridget Elizabeth Bennet, but then the whole idea is that she isn't yet somehow the amazing Darcy adores her... There are some very funny sequences, especially out in Thailand and Zellweger's failure to be right for Bridget isn't a serious problem with the movie. The problem is why Darcy has ever fancied her in the first place - I'm not trying to insult this Bridget, just to point out that the relationship between these two characters is, as it was in the earlier movie, completely unrealistic. They are chalk and cheese! Possibly Firth is to blame for this - he is just too priggish and his whole lifestyle and career are so apart from hers that when he unbends to admit to wanting to be with/loving Bridget,it's not possible to believe him. Strange how this relationship fails because of the actors whilst Firth's excellent in a romantic theme in Love Actually. Bridget in this movie is even more embarrassing to stuffy Mark than she was in the first movie. It doesn't make sense that she makes a totally unnecessarily complete ass of herself in front of his clients time and again, and yet his career isn't suffering and he doesn't seem to mind! Whereas Hugh Grant as Daniel - brilliant! He always seems to know exactly how to put over a part. Is that he always acts the same part? I don't know or care, he's just riveting and so funny and charming on screen no matter what he acts in. Every time Bridget rejects him I wonder why as they are far better suited than her and that stuffy lawyer even though Daniel's a jerk! The theme of Daniel introducing cities/travel in his own womanising way is a very clever idea, I loved it. He'd make any travel ad thrilling! Bridget's experience with parachuting was scary. Neil Pearson is very amusing as her ruthlessly unsympathetic boss.One big surprise at the end is the girl who appears to be having an affair with Mark. What a brilliant twist! Marvellous! I never expected it for a moment. It lifted the movie's otherwise very ordinary ending!!