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Match Point

Match Point (2005)

November. 02,2005
| Drama Thriller Crime Romance

Chris, a former tennis player, looks for work as an instructor. He meets Tom Hewett, a wealthy young man whose sister Chloe falls in love with Chris. But Chris has his eye on Tom's fiancee Nola.


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By exactly the 115 minute of this film's runtime I already made up my mind this film was a four as I saw how boringly obvious the end was going to, but exactly two minutes before the end the FOUR turned to an EIGHT just suddenly! As simple as the end was, it also was a mind flipping! WATCH IT, Scarlet looked fantastic too ;)


it is a story about "money can't buy love" and also the story about "money buy love and make one the slave of it".Movie musics are mainly from the opera. It fits the surround and theme. You feel that that classic operas are not so distant and are living today and we are part of these operas. In using the opera in a movie, I was quite impressed. The movie chooses the extreme point, a British noble family to easily convince us about the wealth and comfort and not to show us how the wealth could really sometimes make things more complicated. Also, the elements of love were so smartly figured that it does not bother, and the crime is so humanly depicted that you totally fall into it. The movie also touches to the fact that different classes can not go along well and also shows that how people easily become the slave of wealth and comfort. the movie tricks us by making the chances for the badman. The movie tests some hypotheses as well. Is he going to go with his real love or the socially acceptable one? Is he going to get rid of the yoke and free himself or is he going to kill his hope and subdue?


The vague and vacuous title of my review very much resembles that of the film itself; Match Point. Within the context of this production, what exactly does it mean? So, yes, one of the leading characters was a former tennis pro but that seems about the only reference to the film name. Neither have I read any review or reference to the fact that this is all very bizarre. As for the movie itself, I have never been a fan of Woody Allen but the large part of this film is engrossing with greed, morals and attitude's of the monied classes very much to the fore. Towards the end there is an inexplicable act that doesn't in my opinion justify the angst that has led upto it. However jolly entertaining.


I had to watch this movie with my girlfriend and she finally conceded that this movie is "not one of her favorites". In my opinion: The best part of the movie was the long expected end. Unfortunately, 2 hours of absurdity and boredom in my life, I will never get back. Moreover, it was very exhausting keeping my eyes opened by following the story of senselessness. Maybe the movie is addressed to opera friends since the music is quite good from time to time. Sorry to all fans, but I don't get it! I am still wondering about the reason for such melodramatic story lines! I hope to save someones evening by preventing him from watching this movie, because all other ratings are misdirecting, I think.