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Poseidon (2006)

May. 12,2006
| Adventure Drama Action Thriller

A packed cruise ship traveling the Atlantic is hit and overturned by a massive wave, compelling the passengers to begin a dramatic fight for their lives.


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Even though this movie isn't the best. And people would prefer the original one. Tbh this remake wasn't half bad. In fact, It made me want to watch it over and over again. 90% of people giving reviews saying the movie is bad. Wasn't halve bad.


Watchable movie with some great effects especially the wave hitting the cruiser. Old hats like Dreyfuss and Russell add to the luster.


First thing to note is the CGI, animation and stunts in this film are top notch ! I love these sort of films, which provide a simple story, set in one location, yet the ideas in it are gripping ! This was done very well and in a great time limit too, some of the ideas kinda felt very mainstream but some others really stood out in their own way (whether that's how a ship actually works logically, I can't say) but I would like to imagine it does ! This was a fun casual film to watch.... Nothing bad or amazing about it, it's simply a movie worth watching. The time that went into creating sets for this must have been a LONG time, as considering most of the film the ship is upside down, the attention to detail of the background and the physics to it all had to be 100%. Didn't spot a fault with it myself, that took some doing ! Worth the watch, go check it out, even though I did watch it the day my parents left for their first ever cruise !


As far as entertainment goes this is pretty much perfect. It's exciting, thrilling, intense & generally fairly well-acted. The Poseidon (like the original) has a no nonsense approach to film-making. We aren't giving a long boring introduction before the disaster occurs so whatever you may be feeling whilst the film is rolling it won't be boredom. However....The only big difference (and slight problem) with this remake is that its weaker in terms of character development and characterisation. The original seemed to manage to develop a few of the characters enough for us to care about them, but at the same time without drawing this element out for too long. In this remake, character development is overlooked meaning that you never care as much for these characters than you did for the characters in the original. In the original, the characters also felt more believable - quarrelling & general indecisiveness are much more believable character traits when you look at their predicament. However, in this remake Lucas just decides everything without anyone questioning him - how much better would it have been if there had been a power struggle between Lucas and Russell like there was between Borgnine and Hackman in the original? Other problems in this remake is that you quite simply don't care about the characters as much; I think the main reason for this is that the writers don't seem to care about the characters either. In the original film when someone died there was something made of it and again the characters were written in a way that made you care. In this film when a character dies, the writers just swiftly move on without a second's thought - the worse example of this was when Kurt Russell's character dies and no-one even bothers to go and look for him and nothing is really mentioned about his disappearance (they assume he's dead, but don't know it). How awful is that? You always got the feeling that they were a real team in the original and you could never imagine anyone leaving anyone else behind. It's a shame that the characterisation was so poor because other than that there's very little wrong with this film.On my real world scale this probably only deserves a 6, but I've given it a 7 because despite some of its flaws it is a very exciting and intense piece of cinema that will guarantee not to bore you. I believe with slightly better writing and characterisation that this could have been every bit as good as the original. However, considering it's a remake of a classic it really isn't that bad.