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Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (2007)

December. 25,2007
| Fantasy Horror Action Thriller

After a horrifying PredAlien crash-lands near a small Colorado town, killing everyone it encounters and producing countless Alien offspring, a lone Predator arrives to "clean up" the infestation.


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While I simply did not like the first "Alien vs. Predator", "Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (AVPR)" is such a piss poor sequel with no good characters, a stupid ending, the Alien and Predator once again feel wasted and barely fight each other, and was very boring. It's just as bad as Alien Resurrection.


First and foremost, I adore both the Alien and Predator franchises. The first AVP was garbage outside of a stretch of 10 minutes where we saw the fighting that we paid to see. But the hybrid creature that burst from the Predator's chest at the end? Enticing cliffhanger. What happens when you crossbreed a perfect killing machine that sulks in the shadows without being seen, with the perfect hunting creature that hides in the trees? Apparently you get a big lizard hellbent on smashing his head against literally everything in sight. The characters are garbage, the plot is garbage, it's a technically bad movie in every sense of the word, but primarily it's an over-the-top gorefest without any of the fun attached. Good god, this movie is unwatchable. Especially if you enjoy either of the two bastardized franchises.


Boring script. It lacked all imagination. It meant that any attempts at good effects or good acting were totally lost in dire dialogue and emotionless characters. The aliens and the predators were not scary in the least. They were too easy to kill. The whole movie lacked suspense and any dark atmosphere. The ending was confusing. On the other hand there was a fair amount of violent creature antics and the use of computers was very restrained. It looked better than the previous battle that had no relevance to anything. At least this one was set here and now although it could have been set in the future equally well. It is good that it wasn't set at the North Pole or whatever. It was cheesy which excused some of the bad points. Overall I would say that this is not a total waste of time but it is not productive either. A step up from the previous as it is cheesy and violent although lacking atmosphere.


All I remember from this piece of garbage was something about several forgettable pretty characters who should've been in a dumb slasher film, and people in rubber suits stomping around in rain in the dark.What made me absolutely despise this film was the overly graphic deaths of several people. Notably the mothers being impregnated and the death of a child in the beginning. It's not that I'm offended or can't take disturbing gore and deaths in a horror movie but these things just had not meaning. It was like "hey look how disturbing we can make this!" When something horrible happens to someone in a movie like this, there has to be some meaning, or reason. Not just a sense of people getting off on excess suffering. Consider the other alien and predator movies, did they try and push the envelope just cause? The horror and deaths fit. In here, it's like the creators of the film were getting off on it or something. One youtube reviewer called the gore and horror in this "mean spirited"Blah, hated this!