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Tormented (2009)

May. 22,2009
| Horror Comedy

Darren Mullet, a bullied asthmatic, is driven to suicide by his tormented life - ignored by his parents, ridiculed by his teachers and bullied at school. He returns from the dead to pay his teenage tormentors a final visit.


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The movie starts very promising at first because it shows us a plot which we -as the viewer - will get back to in the end.Right after this great start the arc of suspense drops down rapidly into the bottomless. There are stupid dialogs and only uncharismatic protagonists which make it very difficult to keep track of the movie.The murderer is seen very rarely at the beginning and kills to the end very fast with a lot of gore effects which will explain the movie rating.The storyline that a victim of bullying attacks will put his revenge onto his enemies seems interesting but is has been far better realized in e.g. "Carrie".Especially primitive is the fact that the Über-human murderer is given a human weakness which actually shouldn't occur anymore due to the fact he is a living dead.This movie is beyond the good taste and especially the fecal-, sex and the language of the gutter will annoy you after a few seconds.


Short and sweet review.So there are have been numerous cases of teen suicide in the news over the last few years. No one likes bullies, but does that make it okay to murder them in cold blood.The characters: The characters were alright, they seamed to bully just because they saw it as a joke. They weren't psychotic, or evil. They were just stupid kids having "fun". Justine was a half way decent character, she was hurtful without realizing it. Marcus was somewhat likable idiot. Bradley reminded me Travis Van Winkle, you know he always plays the douche bag, they were almost identical. And that's all I remember of them.The Mullet: Now this guy comes off as more of a psychopath. From what I made of this character, he was a creeper. He seamed to have an unhealthy obsession with Justine, even though clearly he should leave it alone and be contempt with his situation. Teens don't understand that being bullied in high school is awe full, but it will pass. I doubt he would have got over it with his introverted and shy way of being. Kids see him as a easy target, I don't know, maybe he should have done something about it. I don't understand teenagers, so I don't know what I am trying to say without offending sensitive people. Be tough, is all I can say.People knew better than to mess with me, where as if people messed with a weaker person, they would have no resistance. You gotta be one MEEANNN Mutha to make it in these type of situations.The theme: So the theme is, if your being bullied, fantasize about how you'll kill them. I mean, these bullies were clearly terrified the whole time. Teach them a lesson, assert dominance, don't brutally stalk and murder them. I never faced bullying, so I can't speak for the subject.Overall, the movie poorly made, especially about such a touchy and serious subject matter. The film is too comedic and upbeat, it doesn't work or convey any positive message. And quite possibly made by someone who experienced such treatment, and had such thoughts.

Ben Taylor

In the film Tormented, one of the best acting performances was Alex Pettyfer (Bradley). He was a stereotypical bully who caused Darren Mullet to commit suicide. This was good because it shows the consequences of serious bullying in schools. During the start of the film it is not obvious how significant the inhaler is but during the course of the film it has more of an impact on how Darren survived. The setting of the film was good as it is set throughout the school and is based on a normal teenager's life.However despite the positive things there are still negative things about it. The film is not realistic due to the gruesome ways in which the people died. For example the pencils being stuck up Jason's nose and headphones being stuck on the guy's head causing severe bleeding to the ears. It is also unrealistic as he is a ghost however people are still able to punch and kick him and stab him in the stomach. Also when the banner was put up on the roof saying that one of them 'takes it up the arse' this is unrealistic as no one would be able to put the banner up without getting caught by a member of staff. The police would also close the school after the first killing. There was also an unfair portrayal of teachers as they seemed to ignore bullying and there was a lack of parents in the film.Overall the film was quite unrealistic, with a lot of predictable events. Despite it not being a blockbuster film and it was on a low budget I was expecting a lot better ending as it was an anti-climax.


I found the film was fairly average. I wouldn't go to the cinema to watch this film but it wasn't that bad. I also wouldn't recommend it to a friend unless they asked. I wouldn't pirate the film but somehow it wasn't that bad. The music was fairly good considering the low budget. The sound effects were slightly worse I thought but still alright considering the low budget. I found the film was dragged out a bit much in places. Also the low budget meant that the special effects that is for comedy reasons so that doesn't matter was even worse due to the low budget, a bit too bad for me. The film wasn't a very big hit at all. Some of the actors were average and some like the Emo kids were not very good actors and they played on their stereotype a little too much that it just bad. Other actors like the 'popular girls' also played their stereotypes too much and it was a bit boring. The film was very predictable in places like where they go to the graveyard, I think everyone that watched the film knew that Darren Mullet was going to be there and that he was going to kill them. My overall opinion of the film is that it's OK to watch in the background but it's not that great I don't really have a really strong opinion on the film in one way or the other.