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American Assassin

American Assassin (2017)

September. 15,2017
| Action Thriller

Following the murder of his fiancée, Mitch Rapp trains under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley. The pair then is enlisted to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on military and civilian targets.


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JÄnis Locis

The movie starts out fairly well, giving us an interesting premise of a revenge assassin film, the first 20 minutes continue on this note, just to be quickly derailed into yet another american propaganda flick, therefore completely losing its potential. This move should not be called ''American Assassin'', since there really is not that much assasination going on, so to speak, this film is more about international spying/espionage than assasinating targets. Anyways, seems like Dylan O'Brian has found a decent genre for himself, as i would not go as far as to say he was bad in this mediocre little flick, O'Brian clearly showed he is serious, when it comes to pursuing his acting career as an action movie star, eventhough the movie was quite blatant and not as witty as you would expect, he still delivered some intense, action packed moments for us to enjoy. Overall not great, a mediocre action movie to say the least, something you will surely forgot in a matter of days. Watch only when bored and do not expect clever plot/interesting or original scenes, go in expecting some mediocre fighting scenes and spying.


I thought this was a solid film.I really liked the protagonist's bubbling rage and single minded determination. If anything I would have enjoyed seeing another 10 minutes of him hollowed out and pacing around angry at virtually everyone in the world.Controlled rage directing absolute revenge makes for entertaining drama and they should have tapped into it more. Saying that I liked some of the twists and turns. Some elements might have been cliched but other bits definitely weren't. the fighting was refreshingly adult, some of the 'workarounds' to tail or take down a perp were nicely done and it was good to see a story have the balls to tap into a very current terrorist attack to fuel a character's motivation.It was well polished, well made and very enjoyable to watch. Although I compared it to Bourne it didn't have the annoying shakey cam that, that film suffers from and you could see the action clearly and properly.


I liked it , decent storyline, lots of action. A modern 007 ............. Be interesting to see where they take it


O'Brien impressed in the role, he fits the character. However, the writing needs major work. The plot contains gaping holes and does not convey much of a linear story. The movie was poorly adapted from the novels. With that being said, the actors flourished within their roles to offset the lack of story. The production value, particularly the stunts, were very impressive. The hand to hand combat was well acted. My hope is that the next movie in the franchise will have a much better plot. Wait until it is optioned for tv, but don't pay money to see this movie.