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April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day (1986)

March. 27,1986
| Horror Mystery

As soon as Muffy St. John and her college friends arrive on her parents' secluded island, someone starts trimming the guest list... one murder at a time.


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Part of this movie was filmed in my hometown of Brentwood Bay B.C. Canada ~ i was happy to meet some of the crew members ~ they were all so very kind ~ i am looking to get in touch with J. Scott MacDonald as we became close friends ~ I would really like to contact him to see how he is doing. My e-mail address is [email protected]


Aprils fools day for me was really confusing,by the title you knew the deaths or something would be a joke completely predictable. I watched the movie the first time and thought it was boring and crap. But I watched it again,it premieres on sky only on April fools day so I watched it again and when I did,I really liked it but the ending was so confusing. SPOILER!! The ending turned out when the two final people walked into the dining room all there friends were alive and well,the two found out it was all a joke and get angry but soon think it's funny and have a laugh and some drinks,then a girl goes up stairs and is stabbed and that was a joke. Ehhhhh OK.. A bit weird and annoying but anyway. April fools day was a OK horror film but I don't know if I really liked it.

Gemma Vance

I watched this film after reading great reviews on here. I am a fan of horror, but i prefer modern horror which is probably a reason i disliked this film. I found it boring and not in the least bit scary. I also got confused which character was who, making it difficult for me to follow the storyline. I skipped some parts since nothing seemed to be happening. i have to admit i already saw the ending on a review here so wasn't surprised, but i would have been otherwise. It seemed an OK ending i guess, but nothing that totally wow-ed me and i don't think it was very realistic for me. Overall i disliked the movie, which was disappointing, but probably since i am use to watching modern horrors (like insidious) so this failed to grab my attention.


A group of college buddies convene at a friends isolated abode and get killed off one by one…Great fun, Fred Walton, Frank Mancuso Jr. and Danilo Bach tap cheekily into the 1980s obsession with slasher films and produce a self aware horror movie of mighty dark comedy proportions. Quite often when film makers try to laugh as they bite the hand that feeds them they fall flat on their faces, not so here. OK! It's hardly genius film making but the makers instill their picture with interesting killings, twists and turns, and even an audacious narrative that would only be appreciated some years later. Horror movie conventions are adhered to with tongue stuck in bloody cheek, none more so than with an ending that will infuriate some, but conversely will bring on the chortles in others. 7/10