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Overboard (1987)

December. 16,1987
| Comedy Romance

Heiress Joanna Stayton hires carpenter Dean Proffitt to build a closet on her yacht—and refuses to pay him for the project when it's done. But after Joanna accidentally falls overboard and loses her memory, Dean sees an opportunity to get even.


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Overboard, follows a widowed man with four sons who is working hard to provide for the family and meets a snobby rich woman whom he takes revenge on after not getting paid when she gets a hard case of amnesia. Now thinking she is married to the man she is forced to work, clean, and take care of the kids not knowing who she really is. This old classic is a ton of fun with great actors such as Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn who bring the comedy to the stage. This movie was good and enjoyable, though I didn't like it as much as i'd hoped. It was a good movie nonetheless and highly recommend to those who have not seen such a classic like this!"You know what your problem is? You are so godd**n bored, you have to INVENT things to b**ch about! You don't have a single thing to do on this earth except for your hair! The closet was fine, you just needed something to fill up your useless, nail-polishing, toe-polishing, rich b**ch, sun-tanning days!"-Dean Proffitt, Overboard


Directed by Gary Marshall and one of his best. Essentially both a fable and a 30's-style "Screwball Comedy". Goldie Hawn (Joanna) has terrific fun playing the "rich and spoiled bitch" who gets taken down a peg or two by a "backwoodsman" carpenter (Kurt Russell as "Dean Proffitt") in rural Oregon. He is a widower, saddled with 4 unruly boys and she lives in the lap of luxury with a yacht and mansion. She throws him overboard with his tools, after "stiffing" him on a very clever $600 shoe-closet remake because "it's not made of cedar". She later falls overboard herself, trying to retrieve her diamond ring which has also fallen overboard. She wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and Dean claims her as his wife "Annie". Although he recognizes her from the news and TV, Joanna's husband does not do anything about it. He takes advantage of the situation to play around with other women. Dean dresses "Annie" in rags and saddles her with an endless gauntlet of chores which she handles surprisingly well! Of course she eventually falls in love with Dean and rejects her useless former life when she recovers her memory. Paramount to the plot is a tiny identifying birthmark on her back "cheek" which is fuzzed out in the "cable" version. Predictable? You bet. A lot of fun? Of course. Roddy McDowall as "the butler" and Edward Hermann as Joanna's playboy husband add a lot to the cast. A few "blue-nosed" reviewers disliked the fact that Dean "gets into bed" with "Annie" as they are not really married. That's so ironic, as the two have been happily-never-married for over 35 years in real life!


The concept and the plot lines were funny and unique. The contrast between the working family and the ultra rich one, the ending where she chooses to have a life where she makes a difference instead of just wasting time, and he values her as she deserves to be valued in the end. There are parts of the movie that could have been better; some of the supporting roles were not done all that well. Although the story is kind of predictable it still is nice to watch. Not alone due the great chemistry between Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn is worth looking at, but also how Goldies character changes from über-posh and spoiled brat to down to earth and loving wife."Overboard" is a really enjoyable fun rollicking film and enough if taken on its own unambitious terms. Hawn is a hoot, especially in the opening scenes, and she and Russell have great on screen chemistry. The film itself is a mishmash, a sort of warmed over sitcom that has just a hint of the smarmy in its main conceit. By no means is it the best when it comes to romantic comedies but it is a cheerful romantic comedy with that 80's style.Overall rating: 8 out of 10.


This was just a great, fun film. It was extremely enjoyable to watch! The casting was great - couldn't have been better! The film is really hilarious! The kids were also really excellent. They were actually genuinely funny and made me laugh! Kurt Russell was excellent. He did a great job as the carpenter. You could see his growth - from vengeance to actual true love. Very enjoyable story. I really liked it. And I'm a - GUY! Goldie was great as well as the nasty rich girl, but when she got amnesia, she really showed heart and warmth. And Edward Hermann was a blast to watch also... All around just a great, fun, romantic comedy! Rent this film now - and watch it, if you want to smile! :)