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A Sunday Horse

A Sunday Horse (2016)

February. 15,2016
| Drama Family

After a near-fatal accident, on a horse the experts thought was nothing special, a determined rider from the wrong side of the tracks defies all the odds to pursue her dreams of winning a national jumping championship.


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I like it, it's a good movie for horse lovers. I like the actors they made a amazing job.

Abby Keller

I was watching this movie in my dorm room when my roommate walked in, and she nearly dropped her travel mug! She worked under Debi in Florida and was trained for a good deal of her life by her. I started it over and we watched it together, and according to her, the movie is extremely accurate. Way to go for taking a true story and going out of the way to alter the history as little as possible!


It's a shame this film some how wasn't thought through well.As a film, it's badly paced, moderately acted and the editing is bad. We are introduced to people who just disappear later in the film. Why? Why introduce someone if their place in the film wasn't needed?The biggest issue I have with this film is their time line issue and time period.Ms Walden rode in the 70s. Touch of Class went on to win the gold in the 1984 summer Olympics with Joe Fargis. I know, I saw them win it when I was 15. (on TV). Therefore, the fact all the riding attire and garments were off by 35 years. Huge problem there. Why not set the film in the correct time?Second major issue? Ms Walden's accident shown in the film happened in 2009, long after Touch of Class won her gold/went to other owners. Her accident prior to the sale of Touch of class did land her in a wheel chair, but was not the gruesome fall shown. You can see that fall on youtube btw. Truly horrific. I am so glad she is OK. I know film needs to draw in viewers and alter events to make it more dramatic, but folks, think of your target audience. People who watch horse movies do so because they love horses. Showing something that is inaccurate is insulting. I grew up watching International Velvet, which was probably one of the best horse films out there. While still 'far fetched', the equestrian aspect of the film was thoroughly researched. Bottom line, it's nice to see the prelude to how Touch of Class developed and her back story, but the film is supposed to encourage and show you the drive Ms Walden has, which started to fall flat, largely due to the fact the actress portraying her was struggling.I will warn you, it's slow. The horse portions/interactions are far too 'hollywood'. Stuff like that goes on BEHIND your back, not to your face. No one would be outright that rude, because that's not something you have time for. They show these people with far too much time, standing around in riding attire that is far too clean. I work at many top rated farms that look like the ones shown in this film, and guess what? Your boots get muddy, horses are muddy and you get dusty etc. The only time we are pristine is when we are in the show ring.


I am a sucker for true stories and this movie is based on real events within the American horse world in our recent past. The actors are all great at their jobs and were typecast very well for their parts. William Shatner plays a typical businessman, void of any personal feelings of how his decisions might affect those around him.Ving Rhames carries his role as a somewhat kindred spirit to the lead character and is allowed to explain in the movie why he makes stands when stands are needed.This film has very good production values and a great soundtrack as well.Don't be afraid to see what might be considered a "family" film as the film has something for pretty much anybody who likes horses and good people going thru "class struggles" within a tight knit horse-related community of rich snobs and their "toys".