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Staying Alive

Staying Alive (1983)

July. 11,1983
| Drama Music

It's five years later and Tony Manero's Saturday Night Fever is still burning. Now he's strutting toward his biggest challenger yet - making it as a dancer on the Broadway stage.


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The problem with audiences and critics is that they often hope a sequel will live up to its predecessor. This is certainly not to be expected in this film. The acting was definitely not good but tolerable most of the times and the story is pretty much straight forward; a young man who wants to make a living in Broadway. The dancing was absolutely fine and at times it's extraordinary to think Travolta had those fantastic dancing skills, it's simply great. The actor playing the director was most convincing in his role otherwise the rest of the actors were bland. I have seen this film several times and often because of the soundtrack which features mainly Bee Gees and Stallone's brother. After all, a few of the songs were nominated for well-known awards so that should add credits to this film. I'll recommend watching for the dancing, Travolta moves and most certainly the songs. Otherwise not related much to Saturday night fever.

Jennifer Renee

I have seen this movie so many times. It is one of my go to movies to enjoy dancing..music..and attractive people. Storyline is pretty good. I like the fact he's dancing on Broadway. I can't believe imdbs low score for this movie. I gave it at least a 6. Travolta looks good great dancing and music very entertaining. I love the actresses too Finola and the blonde. Both great dancers beautiful ladies. Frank Stallone is great in it love his songs and singing. Sylvester Stallone is a great director and writer he did a great job not getting enough props here. Seen the movie like 10 times now never gets boring. One of my favorite dance movies ever in my top 3 all time.


Just because it is the sequel to a completely different type of movie doesn't make this movie any less exceptional of a film. Put the word "great" in front of any these words and you will know what I think of this movie: script, dialogue, dancing, acting, cinematography, lighting, drama, fun, romance, comedy, directing, the ending, EVERYTHING! If you love dance and stage shows then you'll love this movie! Just go into it without thinking it's going to be anything like Saturday Night Fever because it's not. It just so happens that the lead character is still named Tony Manero. I saw this movie before I saw Saturday Night Fever so I had no expectations for it and I think it is fantastic!

Alexandra Mitchell

First of all, the best way to most accurately judge this movie is to see it YEARS after having seen Saturday Night Fever. This movie stands alone VERY VERY WELL, the music (soundtrack) is FANTASTIC, the acting is great (seriously), and the humor (script) is SO under-appreciated!!! This is a SUPER great follow up story to Tony Manero's success in the Brooklyn dance clubs; it doesn't over-do his newfound "success" in Manhattan and it doesn't under-do it, either. It is SO REALISTIC. It is an honest to God SHAME that people talk so badly about this movie. THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE. The only sad thing about Staying Alive is to see John Travolta looking so incredibly fit and handsome and to see what he has become after all these years.... I swear, the man was an absolute perfect physical specimen (!) Not that I'm much of a Travolta fan... but just watch the movie -- look at him in the movie, then look at him now.... Now THAT's SAD, but Staying Alive is a GREAT MOVIE and should be watch and appreciated with a new eye by the millions of us whose lives were so changed and so uplifted by the phenomenon that was Saturday Night Fever.