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A Walk in the Clouds

A Walk in the Clouds (1995)

August. 11,1995
| Drama Romance

World War II vet Paul Sutton falls for a pregnant and unwed woman who persuades him -- during their first encounter -- to pose as her husband so she can face her family.


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This is basically a film with no weaknesses. A couple of important points: First, I have seen a few reviews of the film complaining about the fire scene. Spoilers ahead: That scene is brilliant and necessary because Paul Sutton (Keanu Reeves) showed Alberto Aragon (Giancarlo Giannini), that he has what it takes to follow in his footsteps to not only run the winery, but to make it even better (Which is what the last scene in the film shows). The fire essentially was a cleansing agent, erasing most of the old and bringing in the new. Don Pedro (Anthony Quinn (Who did the best acting job in the film)), knew that Paul had what it takes to run things which is why he said to Paul "I have faith in you and my son." This point is critical because he knew Pedro Jr (Freddy Rodriguez), had no interest in running the business, thus, only Paul had what it took to keep the business going after Alberto passed on ( Alberto knew a way of life was ending, and finally admitted to Victoria he was " afraid of losing you and everything"). I also look at the scene, where Don Pedro talked to Paul and then he looked and found the root of the family tress and he lifted the roots out of the ground which reminded me of King Arthur and " Excalibur." Basically it was his destiny to save the vineyards, and one day take over for Alberto. So that the end, Alberto realizes what kind of man Paul is, and that indeed Don Pedro is correct, and Paul is not only up to the job, for one day taking over the vineyards, and caring for Victoria, but it is his destiny to do so. Which is why he said to Paul: "This is your family, and these are your roots." Paul honestly does not know what to do, but Alberto tells Victoria (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon (Who is a knockout to say the least)), to "Go to your husband." I have also seen critics complain about Paul leaving his wife Betty (Debra Sutton), for Victoria. If I came back from the War, and saw my wife in bed with another man, I would not want anything to do with her either. One more point about Paul he was perfect for Victoria, because of the way he carried himself: He was tortured by what happened to him in the war, then walks in his home to see what Betty did (And walks away, instead of hitting him, her, or both), yet was willing to help a total stranger (Victoria) who is terrified of her father, when they met on a bus. He finally learned to not only love Victoria, but the entire Aragon way of life, and essentially embraced being an Aragon. Which is a life far better than the world he came from (Including being raised in an orphanage, and coming back from World War II). It is interesting that it is something Pedro Jr and to a lesser extent, Victoria did not want. Next the scenery is incredible. Particularly the scene with the women crushing the grapes with their feet. There are so many themes in this film it is not funny: Love, honor, responsibility, decency, acceptance, change & renewal to name a few. Do I love this movie? You better believe it (Not to mention who would not want Victoria? (But that is another issue)). Flawless film and an easy 10/10 stars.


When you put Anthony Quinn and Giancarlo Giannini together, you expect some magic. These are two GIANTS of the screen from Europe who have put together some of the most memorable performances on film. I think they could read the dictionary and make it sound important.Poor Keanu Reeves. His scenes with these two cinematic giants just showed how really out of his depth he was. He seems like an earnest guy, and he has found some roles that suit him, (The Matrix series.) but this was WAY over his head. If they had found someone else for the role, I think they could have pulled it off. That and.....The end? REALLY?! The story was quite a stretch from the start, but I felt like they kept it moving along, and there were some well written scenes. But when they set everything on fire at the end, it was just dumb and ridiculous.I will say this is one of the prettiest movies you will ever see. It's a bit spoiled by too much CGI and enhanced trickery. My guess is they got tired of waiting for nature to come up with some beautiful sunsets for them. But the rest of the cinematography is really good.For romantics only. (And REALLY big Keanu fans!)


I was very eager to watch this movie and finally had the time to watch it this afternoon. What a disappointment! The setting is picturesque, the story romantic and the characters well cast, but the screenplay is flawed. The dialogs between Paul (Keanu Reeves) and Victoria (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon) are lame and have a staccato effect which hampers the fluidity of expression. Furthermore I felt that Keanu Reeves was struggling to stay in character and match the passion exuded by Aitana. It is the minor characters who ultimately salvage the movie with their wit and colourful personalities.If you like romance with substance then this movie will disappoint you.However,the film is worth watching for its Keatsian setting oozing with passion and its few lovable minor characters.

Amy Adler

Paul (Keanu Reeves) has just returned from World War II. He is plagued by horrific memories of combat and wants desperately to start again with his wife (Debra Messing). The trouble is, however, that their marriage was a rushed, wartime affair, as Paul, like soldiers everywhere in America, wanted to taste love and matrimony before being sent into battle. She seems happy to see him but wants him to return to his traveling salesman position as soon as possible. Once on the road, again, Paul meets a stunningly beautiful Mexican-American woman named Victoria (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon) on the bus. When a small group of men begin to harass her, Paul comes to her rescue, with fists flying. Subsequently, both Paul and Victoria are tossed off of the bus. As they are waiting for the next Greyhound, Victoria tearfully tells Paul that she is pregnant, "done wrong" by a professor at the university she attended. Her father, a wealthy vineyard owner, is going to "kill her", as Victoria states. But, wait. What if Paul pretends to be her new husband and goes home with her for a day or two? Then, the big blow of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy will be avoided and the couple can "divorce" some time later. Paul agrees to help her and they return to the stunningly beautiful vineyard and mansion she calls home. Naturally, her father (Giancarlo Giannini) is angry at the sudden marriage, especially since Paul is an orphan and Victoria can trace her family's history back 400 years. Yet, Victoria's mother and grandfather (Anthony Quinn) try to make their new relative comfortable. But, will Victoria and Paul be able to pull the wool over everyone's eyes? And, what about the undeniable attraction that is brewing between the young couple? This is one of the most romantic films ever, giving great delight to anyone who craves tales of epic love. Reeves and Sanchez-Gijon are terrific as the gorgeous and confused young lovers while Quinn gives a great turn as the family's patriarch. Giannini, too, does a nice job as the proud yet vulnerable father and the other actors are quite fine, too. As for the costumes, script, and production values, they are wonderful, also. But, indeed, it is the stunning photography of the lovely vineyard and stately family home that takes this film into the upper echelons of visually-arresting movies. For those in the world who would like to stir up a romantic evening with their partners, this film is a great catalyst. After a showing of its loveliness and romance, most every viewer will be in the proper mood for a night of love.