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Kim Possible: So the Drama

Kim Possible: So the Drama (2005)

April. 08,2005
| Adventure Animation Action Comedy

Dr. Drakken has an evil new plot for world domination, but his ultimate success depends upon finding out KP's weakness which may involve a new hottie at Middleton High School named Eric, who suddenly sparks feelings in Ron about Kim that resemble much more than friendship. To make matters worse, Bueno Nacho, Ron's favorite fast food chain has turned sour on him by bombarding him with little Devils


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After three great and funny seasons on Disney Channel, Kim Possible was one of the best shows on television. This movie, intended to be the series finale, is a fantastic entry and great way to close the arc on Kim Possible, well before season 4 came along. This has some of the best writing, because the humor, drama, and action are very well scripted.The broad "take over the world" plot is actually very clever. Drakken doesn't gloat or even tell Shego (who is more bad-ass and violent in this film) about it, so "if you can't figure it out, she can't figure it out." It turns out being happy meal-esque toys turning into giant robots with stolen tech from Kim's father. Believe me, it's very smart and clever. However, the strongest writing involves a look into Kim and Ron's feelings for one another. Kim is afraid because she'll have to go to Junior Prom with Ron. She's fine with it but she feels she has to go with a perfect boy, something Ron has always not been. Then a guy named Eric comes to school and she thinks he's the perfect one to go with, sort of leaving Ron in the dust, until the final 20 minutes of the film.Ron struggles whether or not to tell Kim that he's always had feelings for her, fearing it would ruin their friendship. As i mentioned before, Kim isn't against the idea of going with Ron, she just wants to fit in with the other girls and take a hot guy to the prom. When Ron does admit his feelings and Kim realizes it, it's very touching and sweet. And when they finally kiss at the end of the film, it is the defining moment of the series, and a great way to show that what a person (girls and boys) is looking for can be where they least expect it.The action never takes a back seat, and this film has some of the best action of the whole series. The battle scenes between Kim and Shego, as well as Ron and Eric can actually get pretty violent, and very tense, which rarely happened during the regular series.The animation is top notch as usual. I love the fact that the opening credits are very much like Maurice Binder's Bond openings, it's pretty cool. The designs look a bit more refined, and a little different from the show. In fact, everything looks great, even the angles, and the backgrounds. Stephen Silver and the animators deliver the final great look of the series. Adam Berry's score is perfect, and the song "Could it Be" is a very good song for the final scene of the film.Show creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley's script is absolutely perfect for this film, and the writing would not match this ever again during season 4. There are some things that could have been better like Eric's reveal as a villain, yeah the twist is not very effective when it happens, but it's passable and gets an emotional response. Some jokes don't work, but most of them do and they are very funny.Like I mentioned in my review for the whole series (you can find it in my profile) this is great fun and one of the best Disney has ever put out. Was it the series finale, no because of season 4. but If there was no season 4, it would be a great way to end it all.


This is my favorite Kim Possible film of the two. A Sitch In Time was good too, but this is tops. Kim and Ron are getting ready for the prom dance at their school, Middleton High. Drakken and Shego cook up a plan to take over the world using cybertronics and a toy design which they stole from a Japanese toy maker, Nakasumi-san, and Kim's dad. Kim falls for a boy named Eric who has just enrolled at the school leaving Ron to look for another date for the prom. Meanwhile 'Lil Diablo toys run amok at Bueno Nacho, Ron's Favorite restaurant. Can Kim and Ron foil Drakken's latest take-over-the-world plan and find dates for the prom? You'll just have to watch and find out!The story is really good and believable, and some of the lines are really funny. My favorite line was Shego saying "Ya'know, one of these days we reeeeeeally need to get that hair dryer away from her." This film is truly "So the drama"!


This was probably the best Kim Possible movie I've seen.*may contain spoilers* Draken is threw with failing to defeat Kim Possible so he begins to make a more cunning plan to take over the world.Meanwhile,things haven't been going well for Kim.It's almost prom night and she's the only cheerleader without a date or boyfriend.Bonnie claims that she'll end up with the captain of the chess team or even *gasp* Ron!This complicates her world as well as her relationship with Ron.It all begins to change more when a good-looking boy named Eric transfers to Kim's school and ends up falling for her and Kim falls for him.Ron begins to feel weird and think about what he and Kim have.I'm not a Kim Possible fan but that doesn't mean I hate the show.This movie had comedy,cool action scenes,slight character development and romance.Comedy:As usual,Ron brings hilarity and childish charm in this movie as he does in the show.Draken is funny for his obsession for world domination and the other usual stuff and Shego's sarcastic comments had me chuckling.Action Scenes:The new battle suit was too cool for words and it looked awesome on Kim.The suit just lightened every action scene.Character Development:This might only be my opinion but I did see some of this.Draken is usually the comic relief villain who always fails at his plot to take over the world.Yet in this movie,he has the most well thought out plan I've seen compared to his other plans.Everything weird and out-of-place had a suspenseful connection.Although I knew Eric would turn out bad but that's because I've seen something similar to this.Though I had no idea until Kim came to save him.Romance:Has the romance with Kim and Ron been used already?Well yeah but somehow,their relationship fascinated me.The dept and complication kept me from changing the channel.It came as a surprise when he said he wasn't happy with Josh dating Kim but he didn't care as long as she was happy.That shows how much he cares for Kim.The writers did show how much more Kim's missions affected her love life.I adore this movie and the soundtrack is cool.If the rumor is true that the series is still continuing,I hope to see the battle suit again. 7/10

Templeton Moss

You know, cuz she's always saying "No Big," but this is...like...um...well, you get what I was going for.Anyhoo, this is a great film. I was a little peeved at Disney Channel for constantly touting it as "their first animated TV movie," though (What's "A Stitch In Time," cinematic chopped liver?). Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.The story was good, it was a clever plot, a few of the surprises caught me off guard (which, I guess, is what they're s'posed to do). But what I liked most about it (And this is where the spoilers are, so watch yourself...Kim and Ron hook up! Boo Yah! I've been following this show for a long time, I was there for Josh Mankey, Brick Flagg, that girl at the movie theater, and all the time I knew in my heart that Kim and Ron should be together. Ron's never going to find another girl who gets him the way Kim does, and Kim will never find a guy she likes as much as Ron.Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a little bit Ronesque myself and want to believe that someone as cool as Kim would actually go for me. Maybe it's just that I'm taking a cartoon WAY too seriously. But I've always thought that the best basis for romance is friendship.Anyway, see the movie. It rocks in stereo!