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10 (1979)

October. 05,1979
| Comedy Romance

A Hollywood songwriter goes through a mid-life crisis and becomes infatuated with a sexy blonde newlywed.


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"10" is not an unpleasant movie to watch. It has several humorous moments, a largely likable cast and a good performance - frankly, I thought it was the best of the movie - from Julie Andrews, in a role that pushed her far beyond what her fans would have been used to seeing her in - fare such as "The Sound Of Music" or "Mary Poppins." You could even say that it's an interesting reflection on middle age. But at the same time there's an uncomfortable quality to this movie; it has a bit of "creepiness" to it that made this less than fully enjoyable.Dudley Moore played George Webber - a music composer who's just celebrated his 42nd birthday and who finds himself dissatisfied with life. He has everything a man could realistically want. He's successful in his career, he has friends and he seems to have all the toys, and he has Samantha (Andrews), his quite beautiful girlfriend who he frustrates with his inability (or refusal) to emotionally connect. For all that he has, George comes across as sad and lonely, and in spite of the fact that he should be very happy (what more does he need?) he becomes suddenly infatuated with a bride (Bo Derek) who he spies when her limo stops at a red light beside his car. To him, she's the perfect "10" on a scale of 1-10 (hence, the movie's name.) It was this infatuation that gave the movie it's creepy feel (although the arrangement he apparently had with a guy to spy on each other with telescopes - which gave the move much of its mildly erotic feel - also added to that.) In spite of the fact that Jenny is just married, George's infatuation turns into pursuit - you could even call it stalking. He goes out of his way to find out who she was and where she went on her honeymoon, follows her there, claims a spot beside her on the beach (all the better to ogle her from), and manages to save her husband's life for no other reason it seems than to get her into bed with him. In my view, the whole thing could have been done in a way that would have been more consistent with this being the romantic comedy that most people think of it as. It certainly has its sensitive moments (and the requisite happy ending as George seems to overcome his mid-life crisis) and, as I said, it is humorous at times, but that whole plot just gave this a very heavy and uneasy feel to me.Andrews, as I said, was the highlight of the movie for me. She has a couple of opportunities to display her vocal talents and she just comes across as a very lovely woman whose character is understandably hurt by George's dissatisfaction with their relationship. Moore was Moore. I've never been a huge fan. He played the part well. Derek? Well, in all honesty she's not an actress who's ever really turned my head and her career - while it's been lengthy - hasn't really been filled with major successes either. Frankly, she was cast as a body in this movie. The first hour and a half goes by with her getting her share of screen time but literally no dialogue at all. Once she gets dialogue - she's competent enough, but her character turns out to be not very likable.It's not a bad movie. It was easy to get through and I never turned away from it. It has a fair bit of relatively innocent nudity, a lot of drinking and some drugs. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what it was that made this movie such a hit among audiences and reviewers. I'd consider it quite over-rated. It's not a 10. It's a 5 out of 10.


Director Blake Edwards has made numerous comedy films which have compelled viewers to have a good laugh about their weaknesses.'The Party' is considered to be one of his most successful films.It featured British comedy actor Peter Sellers.In the making of '10',it seems that Blake Edwards has tried to recreate his winning formula but this film about the handling of the midlife crisis by a nerdy musician fails badly as it was not able to differentiate between lust and love.What might irk viewers the most is that this film's midlife crisis segment has been handled in a very amateurish manner. 10 is a comedy with a difference but it is not a slapstick genre comedy.The entire film is aimed at letting viewers know how a man is able to choose between naked women and true love ? Apart from feeling of admiration found in men as well as women,Blake Edwards' 10 tells that there is a voyeur in all of us.It is because of this voyeur that there is also a mad man in all of us.In the film,it is British actor Dudley Moore who plays both parts with reckless abandon.


If you never watch this film because the basic old man chases younger girl theme is too banal, you are missing a treat. This is a classic film, and so much richer than the simple premise. The cornerstone of the movie is the piano scene, outside under the palms by the beach. Dudley Moore, an exceptional pianist, plays "It's Easy". He plays for amusement, for himself, he plays with anger, for the frustration of unattainable lust, he plays to tease, to move the (delightful) holiday golddigger and he plays to bond with, perhaps just to impress, the the barman, the provider of his needs, his booze. It's hard to think how a scene could ever be played that could better depict a mid-life crisis, the theme of the film. It has been said that neither Bo Derek nor Julie Andrews were great, or suitable in their roles, but I don't think that matters. With such a strong performance as Dudley Moore gives, supporting roles can only ever be that. The scenes around his arrival at the resort are very funny. Don't just think of this as the film where a middle aged man sees a bikini clad girl running in slow-mo across a beach. That's the punchline - its a lot better than that.

Arlis Fuson

That Beatles song was mentioned but has nothing to do with anything, I just liked the quote it was used in so thats why I used it as my summary header.This is a movie about a songwriter hitting a midlife crisis and seeking things to make him feel young and alive again, only to realize life doesn't work that way and sometimes the best things are right in front of you.The acting was great here with Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews and Bo Derek. It might just be the best role any of them have done acting wise. The great Brian Dennehy was wonderful here as always as were Dee Wallace and many other supporting cast actors. The direction was by the infamous Blake Edwards who also wrote and he has his moments in film history, but his direction was only so-so here but that works fine for a love story.This is in fact a love story, a drama about life, lust and love and it has some very funny moments in it. I thought it was a comedy and although 30 years old, this was my first time seeing it. It had too much drama for me and too little laughs.I can see why people like it and would say its a good film, but my ratings are based on how I feel about it and in doing so I could only give it a 3. I didn't love it, didn't hate it, it was a tad too long and had too much lovey dovey crap for my taste. I will also never want to see it again, and a movie that is not re-watchable usually gets low ratings from me.