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Marnie (1964)

July. 17,1964
| Drama Thriller Mystery Romance

Marnie is a thief, a liar, and a cheat. When her new boss, Mark Rutland, catches on to her routine kleptomania, she finds herself being blackmailed.


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Marnie, 1963 film by Alfred Hitchcock, is vastly considered more likely to be created with the help of Freud's Psychoanalysis Thesis when it is compared to previous films of him. Though, there are quite diverse views on the movie, Robin Wood who is the author Hitchcock's Films Revisited, claims that Marnie is the most influenced film by the German Expressionism among the other Hitchcock works. On the other hand, this film has also been considered as the challenge of the director on the effect of psychology of a woman. According to the critics, Marnie is the most concrete world that Hitchcock had created.


I saw this movie 35 ago, and gave it a 6/10. Just saw it again today, hearing that it is indeed a misunderstood masterwork by Alfred - On second viewing, it is actually worse than I originally thought. Tippii is mostly lousy as the title character. Surprisingly, she does not put in the worst performance in this film, which is put in by Ms. Latham playing her mom. Sean Connery does pretty well despite the weak material and the previously named poor performances. Some interesting shots and another great score from Bernard Herrmann cannot save this disappointing, preposterous film. First 1/3rd - 6/10, middle 1/3rd - 8/10, but the final 1/3rd 4/10 - a big "that's it?" Wow, give it all a 5/10. Took Hitch three more films to regain his form in "Frenzy" (9/10)


MARNIE is a psychological thriller as a kind of imbalance in relations of human nature, the past and the future. The two characters, one is provocative and other is seductive, are engaged in a dangerous game woven of love, passion and madness. It is based on the 1961 novel of the same name by Winston Graham.Marnie is a a compulsive thief who cannot stand to be touched by any man. Her new boss, Mark, is, in a strange way, fascinated by her behavior, to such an extent that he blackmails her into marriage when he stumbles onto her breaking into his safe. A dangerous and passionate game, based on a dark past and an uncertain future, can begin...Hitchcock's psycho-physical game, which is full of symbolism, is again very shocking. A lack of love and the impossibility of expressing the same, with constant disguise and deception, bring enough amount of intrigue. A strong sexual desire and frigid wife are kind of bonuses in this story.What's the problem with this film?I think, a serious dose of obsession, with the two main characters, which fully corresponds to their mysterious psyche is too sweet, and sticky for a psychological thriller. This is especially felt in acting. Simply, Hitchcock's thematic compactness is lost and psychological game becomes a bit tiresome to watch.There is of course, "Spellbound", as a kind of warning.Tippi Hedren as Margaret "Marnie" Edgar is a young woman who constantly suffers from nightmares, afraid of thunder and one color. A kleptomaniac is not aware of causes of her behavior and her fears. So the best. However, a thief becomes prey. Sean Connery as Mark Rutland is a widower, a zoologist and hunter at the same time. He is not a perfect man, regardless of his appearance and "mission". He is a man, who likes challenges in a form of attractive woman with serious psychological problems, who somewhere in her depths cries out for his help. Diane Baker as Lil Mainwaring is Mark's former sister-in-law, who will try to bring a discomfort into a romance, which practically not exist. Louise Latham as Bernice Edgar is a distant cold and mysterious mother. She is a wound that needs to be cleaned.I will repeat one of my sentence. I have a feeling that I watched pretty good movie where something's wrong.


Marnie (1964)Plot In A Paragraph: Mark Rutland (Connery) blackmails Marnie (Tippi Hedren) a thief he has caught in to marrying him and discovers she has serious psychological problems, and tries to help her confront and resolve them.I think this movie and his performance are under rated!! Once again Connery took second billing to a woman, this time Hedren played the title character (in her second and final Hitchcock movie) and she does a good job in a challenging role.Some of it is dated awfully, and some of the supporting cast is not up to standard either, but what Marnie gets right, I think is very good. It's one of those movies where the murder happens at the end of the movie, as an explanation for everything you have just seen. The Honeymoon has you questioning if she will murder Connery before his impulses get the better of him and he actually rapes her!! And there is a scene which is classic Hitchcock. In an empty office building at night, where the screen was split down the middle, with a cleaner in the corridor and the thief opening the safe in the bosses room, what actions are visible at the same time, the audience and on the two people must finally meet. Great suspense.Louise Latham, Martin Gabel and Diane Baker were all first class in the supporting roles too. Hitchcock sadly disliked the movie (rumoured to be because Hedren refused his advances) and said wished he'd cast the role Connery played "with a real gentleman, a more elegant man".Considered a failure at the time of its release, Marnie was the 22nd highest grossing movie of 1964 grossing $7 million at the domestic Box Office.